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January 11, 2023

You would be hard pressed to find one story about a vintage Shelby dealership on the internet. You will find over 50 different dealers here!

Original work from knowledgeable people, never recycled. This website is written and reviewed only by professionals. Don't try this yourself.
thecoralsnake.com has photo files on over 2,260 unique serial numbers for 1968 and 1969 Shelbys.

Here are some cars I am looking for, maybe you have seen them? A reward maybe in the cards if you have. One car has a $5,000 reward!
Find these cars

A fresh look at special paint cars. Some new information has led to new production numbers of some colors! You will want to check out the list of missing yellow GT500 KR convertibles, it's getting very short.
1968 Shelby Special Paint Cars

I have also updated the standard color page. Now it contains more codes to help you find the colors you need.
1968 Shelby Colors

Stark Hickey was near Detroit, Michigan and a dealership that was # 20 in Shelby sales.
Stark Hickey Ford

Bill is the resident expert on purple cars. He has a new one to share.
Bill's Cars

An incredible assortment of New Old Stock Ford parts. I guarantee a few you have not seen before!
NOS Parts

An update to several of the dealer pages. I updated Horn-Williams, Gotham, Dominion, Grillo, Hayward and East Point. You can check all the dealer articles here:
Dealer Pages

Don shares a photograph he found of his car on the vintage photograph page.
Vintage Photos

You won't find anything like theCoralsnake.com You can try, but you won't. We have outlasted Mustang Monthly! It's time to take a bow. Here are just a few of the website's accomplishments from the past 20 years:
20 Years

A special thank you to everyone that contributes to make this website the most unique and interesting and influential Shelby website in the world. You can not find more contributions from people that actually lived the Shelby experience and actually ran the dealerships!

Next awesome update scheduled for April 1, 2023.