Every car has a unique chain of owners and a unique history. Here are just a few car stories.
I hope you will find them interesting. I also hope you are encouraged to research your own car.
Be patient and never stop looking, you never know what you will find.

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The 1968s

Check what it was like on the New Jersey assembly line. 6/3/68

This 1967 Shelby coupe became a 1968. It was missing for 50 years. Little Red

The 1968 Shelby coupe is also an EFI car. Green Hornet

The prototypes - documenting the cars built before the cars were built. Prototypes

The history of a car that came with two antennas and a some other "special" features. 0016

The history of an early GT 500 stolen in the 1970s. 0041

The history of an early GT 500 that is still going strong. 0044

One of my favorite projects! A real, supercharged GT500 0056

This is the story of 1968 Shelby # 83. 0083

The history of first GT 500 fastback was used to test fuel injection and other goodies! 0101

The history of first GT 350 convertible, Hertz Show Car and the first four Shelbys. 0301

The first GT350 fastback built, has not been seen for a long time. I explain why I think it went to France. 0339

This car was sold new at Gotham Ford in New York. Part of the story is shared here. 0413

Somewhere there is a GT350 that doesn't have it's engine. I know because it is here. 1114

A GT500 hiding in plain view. Mike's research seals the deal. 1493

Some information about a low mileage GT500. 1628

Susan shares the story of her original owner car. 1757

Paul shares the history of his car and it's Paxton supercharger. 1820

The very first GT500 KR makes it's debut on the website. 2008

The history of Oliver North's "long lost" GT 350 convertible. 2040

Is the car sent to the Playboy mansion a secret agent's ride ? 2057

Al shares the story of life and his Shelby. The car became a SAAC Champion. 2152

The GT500 KR press/ literature car. 2356

The history of Richard VanderHeide's GT500KR, Once a champion, always a champion 2375

The ONLY maroon 1968 Shelby convertible ever built 2446

A special paint GT350 that has always been in the Phillipines 2707

There are only two GT500 KRs painted this color, "dark orange" 3206

The story of a special car that became special orange by mistake 3324

The special paint car that wanted to be yellow 3431

The history of Arild Thu's GT500KR, from extra crispy to Gold. 3453

The history of Ben's GT500KR. I believe it is probably the nicest restored car I have ever seen. 3660

The history of a rare, yellow GT 500 KR convertible and how it became a National Champion. 3845

Robert is reunited with his original GT500 KR after 46 years! 3860

The history of a special paint convertible. 3900

The history for this KR wasn't hard to find, because it only had one owner when Bob found it. 4012

It's not often you can find some long lost information and piece it all together for the current owner. 4325

Joe knows his Fords and when he found this GT500 KR he knew it was special. 4352

A super clean GT500KR 4spd car destined for greatness. 4410

An interview with Lynn Griffin, a former AO Smith employee, who worked on the 1968 Shelbys and things like the Mach 2 show car. Exclusive Interview

Other years...

The history of this 1967 is entangled with 1968 1967 Engineering Car

The history of a 1965 Shelby and the story of its restoration. 5S337

Deb shares her family's journey in the 1965 Shelby 5S545

9S02S100028 was a pilot car built for Shelby. 9S02S100028

The website's first story on a 1969 Shelby 481382