Here is the wiring for the interior and the 1968 Shelby console.

These are the wires for the deluxe door lights. The Ford part number is C8ZZ-13A769-A.

Things you should know:

The Shelby harness does not use speaker wires. The left and right harnesses are the same.

The size of the barrell connectors is unique to the 1968 harness. If you use the 1967 harness, your connections will be loose.

This harness is for the Stewart Warner gauges. It provides light to each of the gauges in the console. The base part number is -14479-

Things you should know:

This harness is three pieces and four of the six outlets are not used !

The small extensions are part number S8MS-14A522-A.

The bulbs were originally either green glass or painted green.

The gauges also have a grounding wire. This wire comes from another Ford application, most likely Thunderbird. The original harness has two leads that are cut off the harness. The base part number is -14478-

The alternator gauge harness is a custom piece used only on Shelbys. It is part number S7MS-10A665-A.

Things you should know:

A lot of juice runs through this harness. Make sure your power is disconnected when installing this harness.

If your gauge is not charging, you may have the leads on the back of the gauge reversed. It's okay to change them around, but disconnect the battery first.

The oil pressure gauge wiring is also a Shelby unique item. The part number is S8MS-14501-B .

Things you should know:

Oil gauges are notoriously inaccurate and are often pegged.

This harness is actually spliced by the factory, into the intake wiring under the hood.

The console lead and extension go to the light in the back of the console, above the ash tray. The part numbers are C7ZZ-13B711-A and C7ZZ-13B712-A.

Things you should know:

This part is the same as the wiring used in a standard Mustang console.

The convertible power top lead goes through the rocker to the top motor. The part number is C7ZB-15A668-C.

Things you should know:

This harness has a large grommet and a woven cover.