Here is the wiring to the back of the car.

This is the tail light wiring harness. It runs down the left, rocker panel. It is either Ford part number C8ZZ-13410-A (convertible) or C8ZZ-13410-B (fastback).

Things you should know:

The Shelby harness is the same as a Mustang. It has the bulb sockets removed.

The convertible and fastback use different harnesses. The fastback has an extra interior light circuit.

This harness is sometimes called out by the base part number -13A449-. These harnesses have a braided cover.

This is the Shelby sequencer. It is also called a "dynamite" stick. The sequencer makes the tail lights flash in a very unique pattern. The Ford part number is S8MS-13A336-A.

Things you should know:

General Electric made the original sequencers. The sequencers were illegal in some states, like California.

Although the 1965 Thunderbird, 1969 Shelbys and Cougars also have sequentail lights, the sequencers are much different.

The reproduction sequencers with plugs first appeared in 2000. Thanks to my friend, Vic, we have created a very accurate reproduction. These reproductions are in the correct rolled paper tubes. The version I sell comes unscripted.

The most common things that effect sequencers are incorrect flashers, poor grounds and worn out turn signal switches.

The sequencer delete plug was used when the sequencers were deleted. The delete plug is part number S8MS-13L336-A.

Things you should know:

These are extremely rare in production cars.

The fuel tank feed runs down the right rocker panel. The harness is part number C8ZZ-14405-F.

Things you should know:

This harness supplies power to the trunk light. It also has some leads that are not utilized. These are the rear defroster lead and the low fuel warning lamp. This harness has a braided cover.

The fuel sender lead is included. It is not available seperately.

The tail light bulb harnesses plug directly into the dynamite sticks. The part number is C5SZ-13434/5-B.

Things you should know:

These harnesses have a tendency to become loose in the housings. The parts were taken directly from the original Thunderbird application.

The grommets for these wires are actually the same as speedometer cable grommets.