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April 1, 2017

Welcome to 17th year of the website. It's time for a little spring cleaning, so enjoy the updates.

The cleaning starts on the dealer pages....all of these dealers pages have been updated with business cards, new advertisments and more vintage pictures: Dominion Ford, Hemphill Ford, Koons Ford, Hayward Ford, S&C Ford, Tonkin Ford and Dockery Ford. Dealer Index

A new dealer page added! Horn-Williams was located in Dallas before many of the streets were paved. Horn-Williams Ford

The Northwestern page is the largest dealer page. It's even bigger now. If you like old pictures, then you will like Todd Berlin's "significant" contribution. You will have to scroll down to the bottom of the page. Northwestern Ford

You probably know the first GT350 went to Paris, France? You would if you have seen the model. The Coralsnake was actually the primary consultant for the model car. Let the search begin. 339

A little more clean up on the 302 / 4 spd engine page. It gets some more information added. Now, your pulley questions are answered.
283 J01

ACME has informed me they will not complete their special paint model series. I am still marking it down as a "win". Five out of six is not bad. The models have provided unprecedented exposure for 1968 special paint cars. I am happy to have participated in the project.
Special Paints

A brand new engine page... The 302 / Automatic engine makes its first appearance. I plan to tailor one page for each of the unique engines used in 1968.
284 J01

The Coralsnake website started 17 years ago because I felt it was necessary for everyone to have a resource for some basic information. Its been almost all 1968 until now...the 1969 suspension page starts with a color code chart. 1969 Suspension Color Codes

The website has remained independent and never accepted advertising. The store is a great place to find some clothes or a hat.
The Coralsnake Store

I can't tell you how many cars have new, Alloy Metal wiring in them. But, if you need some help with wiring or need all new wiring, that is your best choice. I offer wiring for all years and usually offer a discount of 10% off the catalog prices. I will make sure you get what you want. I will make sure it's correct for your application. 100% no hassle return policy. Just drop me an email.


The next update is scheduled for July 4, 2017.