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October 1, 2018

Welcome to 19th year of the website. You won't find anything like theCoralsnake.com

Bernie shares the story of his family's prized possession. A rare, special paint GT350 fastback. I'll give you one guess where it has been since 1968?

A new GT500 engine page with some great detailing information. This one covers the GT500, 4 speed engine assembly.
GT500 engine

NOS parts are my favorite. Especially, when it comes to odd sheet metal pieces. If you find some, please contact me.
NOS parts

Tilt steering can be a challenge. This updated page will help you.

Willmington Sales a large Ford and Shelby dealer near Boston, Massachusetts. This dealer page is ready for its debut.
Wilmington Ford

I don't think you missed it, but here is the link to the largest find in Shelby history...Little Red...Shelby's 1967 supercharged coupe. ... and information about the Green Hornet, which is completing a new historically accurate restoration.
Shelby Coupes

Next update scheduled for January 11, 2019