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January 11, 2018

Welcome to 19th year of the website. You won't find anything like theCoralsnake.com

This update is super, huge, big, gigantic, interesting, fun and a little educational.

For a long time, it has been my quest to track down Shelby special paint cars. Another special yellow convertible has emerged. That leaves us with a pretty short list....maybe you have seen one of these? WT 6066

My inbox has been storing a lot of great contributions to the dealer pages. If you want to add anything, just drop me an email.

Some cool vintage photos of a black, GT500 KR recently showed up in my mailbox. Minar Ford

A couple of Shelby owners check out the Larry Lange page and share some cool photographs. Lange Ford

Peter sent a photo of his Fairlane that came from Hayward Ford . Hayward Ford

A new item on the Horn page might make your start looking for some new items on eBay. Horn-Williams Ford

Northwestern Ford was the first dealer webpage on the website and it continues to outpace the competition. Sometimes we forget, these dealers sold othe performance cars as well. Northwestern Ford

Koons Ford sold some really cool cars. Here are a few updates. Koons Ford

If you like car stories, the story of this 1968 Shelby might make you start looking more closely at "project" cars. 00413

The 428 Police Interceptor page gets a pulley chart. Now you won't have to search for them anymore.
Police Interceptor

It's time to look at a few more NOS parts. This update- quarter panels.
NOS parts

Vintage photographs are always a hoot. Here are some oldies, but goodies.
Vintage Pictures

It's been a while since the prices have changed, so I review the price guide. 1968 Values

If you know Ford, you know about the Ford Performance Clinic of the 1970s. The owner of one of these rare cars checks in.
Conelec Racing

The website has remained independent and never accepted advertising.

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The next update is scheduled for April 1, 2018.