1968 Shelby Price Guide

IMPORTANT: Please read the information that accompanies this chart, before determining the value of a car.

Price Guide

The prices list are for cars in good to excellent condition and do not reflect the prices of cars in disrepair or cars with national awards.

Model Bodystyle Price Range
GT 350 Fastback $65,000-72,000
GT 350 Convertible $85,000-95,000
GT 500 Fastback $80,000-87,000
GT 500 Convertible $100,000-110,000
GT 500 KR Fastback $90,000-120,000
GT 500 KR Convertible $145,000-175,000

Overall Trend: Prices have increase slightly over the last year. Market is moving, but increases in the stock market have not translated into a flood of money into the classic car market place yet. Buyers still have a lot of leverage.

Prices reviewed January 2018.

Many people use the big auctions as indicators on how strong the car market will be. Auction prices typically run higher than market prices.

I subscribe to the theory there is a relationship between each of these models. On average big block cars will sell for more than the small blocks and convertibles will sell for more than fastbacks. The number of cars for sale has remained steady.

Remarkably, some projects are still available and if you need to get in on the low end, you can probably find something in the $ 60,000 range. I have seen a few cars sell in that range.

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