Here a few vendors that will surprise you with some amazing parts. You won't find these in the catalogs!

The Coralsnake Store has quality T-shirts and hats. This is not cheap crap. When you buy something from the store the profits go directly to support this totally free website. Why not stop by ? Check out the customizable shirts. The Coralsnake Store

New Headlight Brackets

Ron needed some replacement headlight brackets for his 1968 Shelby. He wasn't very pleased with the quality of the current reproductions, so he came up with a plan. His plan was to make his own. He did an excellent job. His company makes both the inner and outer brackets. They are excellent. You can contact Ron here: or call him at (423) 870-1888 extension 206.

Bill Collin's Fords

Bill knows Shelbys. His website not only offers Shelbys for sale, but unequalled descriptions. If your interested in a car, he can tell you what to look for. He also sells some reproduction parts like the hard to find underdash, fresh air, vent cables. He has the clutch inspection covers for FEs. Stop by and see him at


Having trouble finding wiring for your 1968 Shelby? WIRING LIST

I was too. So, I started taking harnesses apart to repair them. That became very time consuming. I quickly found out that you can't repair a wire in a molded connector. Oh you can if you want to splice the wires together and bury the splices under yards of wire wrap and hope for the best.

I have found several manufacturers who have what you need. If you need wiring or you don't want to use 40 year old cracked and broken wiring in your car, please contact me. I order directly from the people who make the highest quality wiring. I will make sure you get the right products.

Here are just some of the wiring harnesses I have: headlight harnesses, main underdash harnesses, rocker panel harnesses, tail light harnesses, alternator wiring with the correct plastic molded "dogbone" and console wiring!! Actually, you will be hard pressed to find a 1968 wiring harness I can not replace.

Wiring orders are place periodically, because these manufacturers sell only in volume. I can get every piece of wiring in a 1968 Shelby brand new. Many of these pieces are custom made for me. The "big boys" might put these same products in the catalogs when they get around to it. Many vendors don't want to carry the overead associated with specialty wiring. I have been selling this high quality wiring to customers around the world for years!

Tilt wiring harnesses! These go under the dash and are frequently damage by people attempting to bypass the tilt mechanisms. All the correct plugs and wires (as always) Just $75. Try finding this one in the catalogs!

This little harness behind the dash bezel is special for the tach cars. The white and black plugs match the main harness. This one is very hard to even find used. New reproductions are $120 each.

I have a limited number of Shelby console oil pressure and alternator gauge wiring sets. These are simple harnesses, but are highly visible in the engine compartment. If you need these, please drop me an email. $150/set.

1968 Main underdash wiring harness, 100% correct for all 1968 Shelbys. All new wires, correct colors, correct gauges, correct plugs! Tach and GT connections, new fuse box. Flexible and not brittle. Absolutely perfect. $750. If you don't like this, I will take it back, it's that good. I know about the people who say they can repair these harnesses. Most of them hide spliced wires in the harness. This is not cobbled or spliced together....NEW! Don't burn up your $100,000 car, using an old spliced and taped together harness. You have seen nice cars with old wiring. Here's your chance to have it new again. Cheap insurance, in my opinion. Use what the show cars use....


Concours GOLD 1968 GT500 owner, purchased an underdash harness and said;
"I got the wiring today. It is spectacular!"

"Pete, You have an excellent web site! I just stumbled onto it and wish I would have found it earlier! Very informative. I need a little help. I restored my GT500 from 2007 to 2009. I made the mistake of not replacing the wiring. On 4/27/09 a short caused the starter to engage while parked and, yes, in reverse, it drove itself across the street into a brick building! Long story short, we replaced everthing under the dash and firewall forward, after THE INCIDENT"

Shelby Console Gauge Ground Wire, now available. $20 each.

Shelby and Thunderbird Tail Bulb Light Harnesses, $120 pair.

Shelby Dynamite Sticks, THE ONLY reproductions with the correct plugs and correct cardboard tubes! $140/pair


Email me for more information:


Making reproductions is hard. Making high quality stuff is even harder! Scott has mastered the high quality part.

Scott's exhaust pipes are the very best parts ever made. Don't confuse these with the ones you can order in the catalogs. These are exactly the same as the originals in every way. The fit is unmatched.

These plastic tilt steering wheel pins were used in 1968 and 1969. They are almost missing or damaged.

These sway bar brackets are unbelievable. They were used on all 1968 Shelbys and cars with Competition Suspension.

Scott was having trouble finding a starter delay for his GT500KR, so he made some. These things are so good it's probably more accurately described as a re-issue -unbelievable. Scott went so far as to copy the original fasteners and gaskets. The starter delay was only used for six months on 1968 Cobra Jet cars. Get one now, before they are gone again.

1968 Starter Delay (all Shelby GT500KRs and 1968 CJ cars) Exact reproduction. Fully electrically functional to perform just like the originals. A "must have" part for a complete concours restoration.

Scott has also reproduced concours exhaust systems for many cars. The mufflers have Ford scripting and date codes.

Check out these tie rod boots. Now you can save original tie rods and replace the worn out boots.

Contact Scott Fuller for further details and pricing.

His email is:

Or visit his website