Shelby Dealers

This page is a work in progress. I hope to collect more information on specific dealerships. If you have old pictures or promotional items, please send me an email.

Jim Aikey was right near Chicago and was very successful selling 68-70 Shelbys. Aikey Ford

JD Ball was Florida's best Shelby dealer. They were also one of the best in the country. JD Ball Ford

Johnny Bolton was one of two Bolton brothers selling Shelbys. His dealership was near Orlando. Johnny Bolton Ford

Luke Bolton Ford was in Plantation, Florida, by Miami. He got a late start, but was very successful. Luke Bolton Ford

Lewis Boggus Ford was in Corpus Christi, Texas. Its most famous car wasn't a Shelby. Boggus Ford

Busby Ford in Nashville, Tennessee featured a bee as their mascot. Busby Ford

Frank Cate Ford was in Elk Grove, California. They had quite a collection of unusual cars. Cate Ford

Jack Gibbon's City Ford was in Watchung, New Jersey and very close to the New Jersey assembly plant. City Ford

Courtesy Ford was in Colorado and had a direct connection to Shelby. For reasons unknown, they ended up with a lot of unique cars. Courtesy Ford

Dockery Ford was located in Morristown, NJ and has a rich racing history. Dockery Ford

Dominion Ford was a small dealer that packed a big punch. Dominion Ford

The Downey Ford Center is gone, but the spirit of the dealership lives on under a new name. Downey Ford Center

Eastpoint had a short run, but they knew how to sell GT500 KR convertibles. East Point Ford

El Paso Ford in Texas was the a dealership known for it's promotional give-aways. El Paso Ford

Western Canada's premier dealership was Fogg Motors. Fogg Motors

Galpin Ford was in Sepulveda, CA. Sepulveda is gone, but Galpin remains in the same spot. Galpin Ford

Gotham Ford was in New York City and home to the greatest Shelby salesman ever, Bill Kolb. Gotham Ford

Al Grillo was king of the east coast car dealers and then, he mysteriously disappeared. Al Grillo Ford

Hayward Ford was in California and was one of the largest dealers on the west coast. Hayward Ford

Hemphill-McCombs is still a giant in Texas. The owner is larger than life. Hemphill-McCombs Ford

Horn-Williams Ford was in Dallas, Texas. Horn-Williams Ford

Kayser Ford in Madison, Wisconsin was not a Shelby dealer, but they sold Shelbys. Kayser Ford

King Motors was in Anniston, Alabama. They were involved in racing and sold many awesome street cars! Sunny King Ford

Kenray Ford was in Dallas, Texas. A former "Mustang" ran the show. Kenray Ford

Koons Ford was one of the east coast heavy weights. Check out what they had to offer here. Koons Ford

When Dick Walter's Ford was sold it became Larry Lange Ford in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Larry Lange Ford

Larsen Ford is where the greatest Shelby salesman of all time got his start. It was in New York. Larsen Ford

Jack Loftus was known as the "House of Ford". It was in Hinsdale, IL (Chicago). Jack Loftus Ford

Phil Long Ford was in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the dealership is still around today. Phil Long Ford

Marshall Ford was near Cleveland, Ohio. It was one of the top ten, vintage Shelby dealers. Marshall Ford

When Bob bought his car, he did a little research on McCollum Motors and decided to share. McCollum Ford

McFayden Ford was in Omaha, Nebraska. An awesome dealer that sold Cobras and Shelbys. McFayden Ford

Minar Ford was Minnesota's Shelby Dealer starting in 1967. Bob found the original owner. Minar Ford

Morristown Auto Sales was previously called Dockery Ford. Morristown Auto Sales

Myers Ford was located in Houston, Texas. Myers loved the special paint cars! Joe Myers Ford

Northwestern Ford was located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They sold hundreds of Shelbys. You will enjoy the vintage ads and photos on this page. Northwestern Ford

Paradise Ford was going great guns, until it was sold in 1967. The Coralsnake finds out what happened next... Paradise Ford

Tall Paul's Ford was in Kansas City, Missouri. The only dealership I have run across that gave away real Ponies. Paul's Ford

Pletcher Ford was near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Where did their Shelby inventory go? Pletcher Ford

Dub Richardson was located on Route 66 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Dub Richardson

If the dealer takes the motor before your buy the car, is it "missing" ? Reynolds Ford

"Schlesinger and Corsiglia" are rarely mentioned, but they were the largest Shelby dealer on the west coast. S & C Ford

Schanzmeyer Ford was in Missouri. Schanzmeyer Ford

Schmidt Ford was in Baltimore, Maryland. It is the home of the Coralsnake. Schmidt Ford

To the best of my knowledge, Selig-Knippel Ford only sold one Shelby, but they did have a famous owner. Selig Ford

I would call Carroll Shelby a famous owner as well. His own dealership didn't break any sales records. Shelby Ford

Stark Hickey Ford was a stones throw from the Motor City, so you know it had some great cars. Stark Hickey Ford

The dealership that ruled the eastern part of Canada was without a doubt -Sud Automobiles. Sud Ford

Marv Tonkin was well known in the Pacific northwest for his advertisements and special paint cars. Marv Tonkin Ford

Wallwork Ford was in Fargo, North Dakota near the border with Minnesota. Wallwork Ford

Bill Watkin's Ford had some of the best ads I have seen. That is to say, they had some really interesting cars in them. Watkins Ford

Wilmington Ford was a large dealer near Boston, Massachusetts. The big "W" sold more than a few 1968s. Wilmington Ford

Yates Ford was a dealership near Saint Louis, Missouri. I have great, old photos and literature to share. Yates Ford

Here are few more odds and ends. As I collect more, I will add pages. Hopefully, these items will make it to a full dealer page soon.
Maybe you have some history on these dealerships to share? If you need any of these items, please send me an email, they may be available!

Here's the script from Levittown Ford. I am not sure of the years it was used.

I don't think Shirley Ford was a franchise dealership, but they sold a 1969 Shelby.

I found this giant FORD sign on eBay for $300! The "D" has already been repaired and all the neon is in working order.

This is an original decal from Loh Ford in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Years ago, no one would dare to put a dealer script back on their freshly restored car. This one is from Carey-Paul Ford in Georgia. This website pays homage to all the vintage dealerships!

Tasca was a big east coast dealer. They came up with the idea for something called the "KR-8" also known as the Cobra Jet. I think this decal was actually more popular than the metal nameplate.

Johnnie Harper was in Florida.

OZ Hall was in Birmingham, Alabama. They sold quite a few cars.

Amanda suspected the two holes in her deck lid were for a dealer emblem. When she found the Richards Ford script, it was a perfect match!

Hysen Johnson was in San Luis Obispo, California. They only sold seven 1968s.

Courtesy Ford was a popular name. This one was in Texas. The car probably came from a franchise dealership.

Givan's was in Utah. Most likely their sales came through Bennet's Ford in Salt Lake City.

The factory direct advertisements filled magazines and newspapers from the 1960s. This cobra ad probably didnt produce too many customers.

Rice-Holman was in New Jersey. Its not a great shot, but it's a shot. I have also have a small trophy from this dealer. If you know something or have an experience with this dealer, please email me.

Jordan Ford didn't sell many cars. They were located in San Antonio and use both the clip art and the character "Little Profit".

Spruill Ford ran this ad in the Kansas newspapers. I am still not sure if the upside down GT40 was intentional?

Ashley Ford had no problem predicting the future in this December 1969 advertisement.

Lumbertown Ford was in North Carolina. The first clue was your salesman's name was Billy Ray :-)

Ramp Motors was in Port Jefferson, New York.

This dealer name plate came from Topeka, Kansas.

An ashtray from Crown Ford in Nashville, Tennesee.

Shelby # 1585 was originally sent to Ed Martin Ford in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was common for the Shelby franchise dealers to pass cars on to other dealerships. This beautiful GT500 is showing off down under in Australia.

Colonial Ford was in National City, California. They sold less than a dozen 1968s. It did include one yellow fastback.

Buisness cards are cool. Shelby American employee, Dave Claassen, was a parts specialist for the parent company. Oh, what a neat job to have. Pass the superchargers please.

Chet Monez Ford was in Fairfield, California and sold less than a dozen cars. Most of them were fastbacks. This frame has taken a little bit of a beating :-)

Rankin Ford was in London, Ontario, Canada. Most of the twenty cars they sold were GT500 KRs. But, only one was a yellow car.

Larry has a knack for finding the license plate brackets. Russ Davis was a big dealer in California and if I recall correctly sponsored some of the drag cars.

Theodore Robbins was another Shelby dealer in California. Larry found this one.

This original BJ Werner stationary popped up on eBay so I had to add it to the collection. It features the Shelby logo.

Greg sent me this license plate bracket from Bob Rice Ford in Idaho.

Ken found this awesome picture of McCafferty Ford. They were in Trenton, New Jersey. Check out the funky flooring ! Now, that's 1960 goodness.

McAnary Ford was in Gary, Indiana. Tim found this original plate for his car and it was never even used.

Rice and Holman was in New Jersey.

A list of Shelby Dealers