The Best 1968 Shelby Yellow Convertible Page

Updated 7/4/23

In the past, world record prices have been set for convertibles and a few bright yellow GT500KRs led way. I thought now would be a good time to discuss the yellow convertibles. The picture above shows restoration expert, Tim Lea. He restored the five GT500 KR, 4spd, air conditioned convertibles.

I have seen many numbers associated with the bright, yellow cars. It was not until Kevin Marti obtained the rights to share the Ford database, that we knew exactly how many special paint convertibles were built. All special paint convertibles were yellow.

I highly recommend you contact Marti Auto if you need information on a speific car.


The unique color is actually a Ford Special Color code WT6066. Yellow convertibles came in two sizes. Originally seven GT350s and 43 GT500KRs were built. That makes the total number of yellow convertibles 50. Technically, only 49 were were actually painted yellow. One car that was intended to be yellow, was painted white by mistake at the factory. This rarity is documented with factory paperwork.

This is car # 3818 a very well documented example of an original GT500KR. It is an original 4spd, air conditioned car. It's one of only 5 yellow, 4spd, air conditioning convertibles ever built.

By my count, 46 of the 50 yellow convertibles are accounted for. If you have or know of these yellow Shelby convertibles, please drop me an email.

Have you seen any of these cars? I haven't been able to find them yet.