These are the very best from the past. If you have a vintage photo, please email me.

Larry sent along this old picture of his 1969 Shelby.

Michael found this vintage oldie of a gathering of muscle.

Alan found this photogrpah of a 1968 convertible.

Mitch sent me these slides of a brand new 1968 GT500 KR. I havent been able to gather any additional information, but we think the pictures were taken in or around Virginia. The antenna hasn't even been installed yet.

Don sent me a photo of 4412. It got a little time on the dragstrip back in 1976. You need to do some digging to find the goodies.

Todd sent me a picture of #2380. He got it from the original owner.Tom said the red flag was so people could see the car in deep snow. Love the snow tires.

That is Todd's dad. His name is Roger and he is ready for graduation in 1971. The car is # 2664. Thank you, Todd for sending this along! ;-)

My friend, Gary Campbell recently passed away. He was a SAAC judge. He had this in his files. It's an unindentified, yellow, KR convertible.

Russ shared this picture of him with # 1174. A 1969 GT500.

This KR is number 4114. The picture was taken in 1971, so this little guy is probably thinking about an early retirement now.

Keith shared these pictures from the old days. The car is # 2457 and it's still with the original owner.

Chris shared this picture of him and # 3537 back in the day.

Bob's car is # 1877. Looking very groovy back in the day.

Doug's Shelby sported aftermarket pipes, but retained the factory hubcaps! He must have been BMOC.

The Coralsnake slips past Ford security and finds this wind tunnel test photograph. The picture is courtesy of the Benson Ford Research Center. You do not have permission to reuse it.

Blast from the past! This is car # 1686 with it's original owner, Colonel Littlejohn III. It's no coincidence, Keith has struck the same pose.

Pat sent a picture of this bracket racing GT500. The caption read, "the rare GT500 is owned by Cliff Williams and Danny LeFevre of Canterbury, CT." The car competed in bracket racing with a 427. The car has identified as # 738 from Loh Ford.

Bernie sent this picture from 1971. Who knew you could sleep on the hood? I am really liking the old Econolines!

Here is 2685 with a chin spoiler! Must be doing a 1970 impression?

That's James and his buddy. The car is # 4152. If I have to tell you what color the car is, you're not paying attention. Only the yellow cars used black rocker stripes.

I have two words for you- BIG MEAT. Thanks to Jeb for the vintage picture.

The most amazing to me is how much more information we have since the last Registry. Vinny Liska is pretty sure this car is # 732. How does he know? It's the only white GT500 fastback shipped to Gotham Ford in New York. This picture was taken at the 1968 New York Auto Show. Did you notice something was missing off the car ?

WOW! A yellow 1968 GT350 fastback. Only 8 yellow GT350 fastbacks were built. I am pretty sure Don was the big man on campus. Gee, Don, I am envious 35 years later.

Phil's car is # 212. This picture is from 1968. These are the guys you need to find to help you with the details. Phil is on the Shelby Club forum and has posted dozens of detailing shots.

Not a Shelby, but still a very cool muscle car. Bill sent this picture of his mother in law with her new Dodge. Love the dog. ;-)

Larry's cool 1965 is a little customized. Nice afro Larry!

Craig sent me this picture of 68 Shelby # 817 back in 1970.

Kenny still has his GT500KR and it's still black. Way to go Kenny. I love hubcaps.

This old picture is actually from an old SAAC event in Pasedena, Cailifornia.

This car is used to belong to Jeb. The long, whip Citizens Band radio antenna is period correct :-) We are not sure of the serial number.

The car is # 1377. I immediately recognized this as the Ford design studio. But, I had a little trouble explaining why Ford would take pictures of a GT500 in January of 1977. To further confuse the issue, this car has been well used. You might have even noticed a little rust.

Lawsuits, Ford and Shelby are nothing new. As far back as 1977 they were fighting over the Cobra trademark. These pictures were taken by Ford to document their use of Cobra. I think they have something to do with the apearance of the Cobra II. These pictures are courtesy of Matt.

Bob graciously gave me this pictures from the wayback machine. Bob changed the color of his GT350 from Acapulco Blue. Love those flames. The car is # 1793.

He also sent a picture of his GT500 KR. He is the second owner.

Korbi sent this picture of # 2601. It sported a modified 429.

This is # 3018.

This 1967 is a factory special yellow color. It is number 2021.

Lance sent me a picture of # 3487 next to Mr. Porsche's finest creation the Volkswagen! The picture is dated October 68

James R. sent me some pictures of # 1449. His Canadian convertible enjoys the weather. The picture is dated AUG 69. I think James swapped out his tires early on. Delivered to DA Casey Ford in Amherst, Nova Scotia Canada ? redelivered to George GR Parsons Ford of St John?s, Newfoundland ( The same dealer that sold Mustang #00001 by mistake ! ).

Lance runs the Grabber Mustang Registry now, but that's him and his GT500 from waaaay back. The car is # 517.

This might be the genesis of my obsession. That's my Uncle William and his 1965 coupe. The car is Tropical Turquoise. The picture is dated July 1966.

Thernell Clark looks rather impressive in his dress uniform. His blue GT500KR is # 4170. The black side wall tires and hubcaps are standard issue for 1968 KRs. Mr. Clark bought the new car from Lewis Ford in Georgia.

I'll keep the name confidential. This GT350 Hertz car was rolled by a customer. The car was sold at auction. The new owner, who worked for Hertz, used parts from other rentals to repair it!

Rodney H. sent this picture of his GT500 #843 in the mid '70s

Robert S. got the car and the girl! His car is #3860

Remember when Shelbys were used cars and not collector vehicles? Greg Sali does...that's #2528 in the background.

Mike's doing a restoration on #3558, This picture was actually on a bulletin board, selling price $2400. Back in the day his car roamed the Autobahn.

I'm not sure which car this is yet, but the tires say it all.

Mike sent me some pictures of this very cool 1967

It's the next best thing to a 1968