With contibutions from Jeff Speegle, Howard Pardee, Vern E. and Randy F.

January 11, 2016

Schlesinger & Corsiglia - S & C Motors was located at 2001 Market Street in San Francisco, California. Albert "Speed" Schlesinger and Charles C. Corsiglia were the original owners. It was only a few miles from the Golden Gate bridge and just blocks away from the US Mint. They were one of the largest Ford dealers on the west coast. The dealership was originally started in 1928 at a different location.

Heather sent me this original sketch was a proposal for the original S & C sign. It came from the archives of the Federal Sign Company. She said the furturtistic sign was never built.

The Market Street location opened in 1945, after World War 2. Albert Schlesinger continued to work at the dealership until the 1970s.

CSX 3303 is also known as the "Cosby Cobra". It was built with twin, Paxton superchargers for comedian, Bill Cosby. It was later sent to S & C Motors. This picture is from the internet.

The dealership was the top Shelby dealer in the west and number three overall for all Shelby sales. They sold 300 Shelby automobiles! This ad also features a 1965 Shelby. The dealership received seven 1965 street GT350s and one R-Model. One of the cars S & C sold was 5S556. They took it back in trade circa '67/'68 and the car has not been seen since. Do you know where it went?

S & C supported racing. Many Cobras raced in the parking lots of nearby Candlestick Park. The R-Model pictured is 5R002 driven by Ed Leslie at Candlestick Park 7/31/65 & 8/1/65. He finished 3rd overall and 2nd in B/Production. Jerry Titus, driving 5R001, finished 2nd overall and 1st in B/Production at the same race.

This car is 6S825. It was originally delivered to S & C. The car is an original Hertz car. The dealership is credited with prepping over a hundred 1966 Hertz cars. In the 1970s, it was not not unusual to disguise the ex-rental cars by removing the "H" script in the side stripes.

Here are just some of the 1966 Shelbys sent to the dealership. Clockwise from top left (6S582/6S603/6S631/6S858)



Jeff sent along this vintage picture of 6S1203. The car has an original S & C Ford invoice. S & C sold 29 non-Hertz cars in 1966. This car is still in northern California.

This original letter (5/5/1967) was forwarded to S & C by Shelby American, after David inquired about a Cobra. S & C quoted him a price of about $9,000 for a new 427 Cobra and $ 6,800 for the 428 version. The letter is signed by John Hilton, Performance Manager.

Fred Jackson was ready to give you a "miracle deal".

A dealer card from John Hilton.

1968 # 820 started off being white and was later changed to Gold. The car sat at S & C for a year before the first owner purchased it.

Randall sent along this photo of his dad. Dad rented this 1968 Shelby GT350 at the San Francisco airport. It is dated May 68.

1244 was one of the 1968 Hertz cars sent to S & C for use at the airport.

It was not a happy day when this S & C memo was sent to Shelby. Thirty three new 1968 GT350s arrived at the dealership for Hertz preparations. Unfortunately, not one ran and all had to be pushed off the trucks. The dealership complained of bad chrome, rust and dirt. Several cars had to be polished and buffed. The dealer charged Shelby $75 per car. That's over $2,000 for repairs!

That's Al Fontana, the manager (seated) and Al Rivera, S & C's ace salesman, checking out a 1968 convertible.

This red GT350 was a Hertz car. It is number 1258. I noticed that S & C received several batches of consecutively numbered cars. This was because all Shelbys were delivered by truck. When delivering cars across country, it was just easier to deliver a full truck load to the large dealers.

1268 got a Paxton upgrade after it left the rental fleet.

The dealership was credited with prepping 33 GT350 Hertz cars during 1968. This dealer frame is an original. The picture was provided by Vern E.

This dealership sold nearly eight new cars every day. They also sold more than 80 "used" Shelbys during 1968.

A great picture of a red GT350. That is number 1262.

1480 is also featured on this website's "survivor" page. It still wears the same paint it had when it was at the dealership.

This rare special paint convertible is yellow. It is one of six, yellow GT350 convertibles built. The car number is 2860.

One of the greatest car chases of all time was in San Francisco. The 1968 Steve McQueen movie Bullitt was filmed on many of the streets around the dealership.

The dealership later became ION Cars. The original Ford sign was re-purposed.

Around 2011, the site was cleared to make way for new condominiums.

If you have anything associated with S & C Ford, I would apreciate hearing from you.