A special thanks to Korbi and Chris for their contributions to this article.

Michael Scott was there and he shared some of his pictures!

Sud (pronounced zoo-d) is French for “South”. Sud was one of Canada’s largest Ford dealers. It was located in Longueuil, Quebec. It is part of greater Montreal and 375 miles north of New York City. The owner, Andre Fortier, opened the dealership in 1964.

In the beginning the big Galaxies and Fairlanes ruled racing.

When Michael Scott went to SUD he snapped a few pictures. It's 1967 again. This is one of the SUD delivery trucks.

Parked next to it was this GT40. The serial is still unknown.

But, someone at SUD thought it should have a dealer emblem on the back!

A dark colored 1967 with inboard lights waiting for its new owner.

A new 1967 GT350 ready for a road test. The car has a EXPO 67 license plate.

A close up of 1967 ten spoke wheel from 1967! That's a rare sight.

The Canadians really loved their racing. The performance seminars overflowed the dealership. Exactly what a hungry salesman likes to see, crowds of people!

Sud was 200,000 square foot of space in two separate buildings. They were Canada’s number one high performance dealer and one of the top five dealers in North America. They also stocked a large assortment of high performance Torino Cobras, both ram air and non ram air.

1968 Shelby # 3073 originally came from SUD.

It doesn't matter which side of the border you were on in the 1970s, modified was the way to go. Sexy!

Here is a picture of # 2601 back in the old days. It is also A SUD car. Korbi still owns the car today.

When I think of Canada, I think of snow. This was in the summer time :-)

#00008 is still around. Our neighbors to the north of our border were very happy to provide pictures.

Shipping documents for 1968s Shelbys are now readily available. But one way to identify a Sud convertible might be the antenna placement. It was certainly not standardized as shown in these pictures.

How's your French? You don't have to understand French to know horsepower equals sales. Sud was all about selling cars. They were the fifth largest Shelby dealership and sold over seventy five 1968 Shelbys. They had 30-40 Shelbys in stock at all times. Over 50 % of all sales were high performance vehicles.

I belive this is the King himself. Sud’s main driver was the head of the dealer’s performance divison- George Constantine. His nickname was "King George” and he was one of Canada’s most famous NHRA drivers. He started in a 66 K code car and moved to the 427 Fairlane. King George knew how to bring home the trophies.

Chris has the old George Constantine race car. Serial number 8F02R135034 is one of the first 50 lightweight Cobra Jet cars.

This Sud car is painted much like the designs of fellow Canadians Barrie Poole and Sandy Elliot. The Canadians were nicknamed the "Border Bandits". They crossed over to race in the NHRA drag races often taking home the big prizes.

When the very first Cobra Jet drag cars came out, Sud was waiting for them. George Constantine quickly found they were super cars. Sud was one of the original dealers to receive some of the very first Cobra Jet drag cars. The document above is part of the original racing contract.

Constantine enjoyed speed in other forms. One of his passions was speed boats. In 1970, he was killed in a boating accident. It was an emotional blow to the entire dealership. A special plaque was placed at the dragstrip in memory of his accomplishments.

Often times advertisments and announcements were printed in French and English.

This decal survived nearly forty years. You can see how it is the same as the artwork used in the print ads.

The dealership sold a lot of 1969 Shelbys as well. This is a beautiful color combination. The car is still around. You can see the Sud name on the back, left of the car.

Ralf sent along a picture of his 1969. The car is Competition Red.

SUD ACTION - Alban Gauthier was another one of Sud's most sucessful drivers. He campaigned through the 1969 year and drove this 1969 Shelby. That thing looks like it has fangs.

Alan's car, Invader III, has been identified as 1969 Shelby # 9F02R480744.

I am not sure if you have seen this picture? It is real. Sud's used car lot looks like one of todays car best shows. Where is that time machine??

...and at some point all good things must come to an end. Eventually, you end up selling Mustang IIs. The dealership went out of business sometime after this photo was taken.

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