Pete Disher presents the best 1968 Shelby webpage !!!

The Coralsnake website is an independent website that promotes the sharing of information about 1968 Shelbys. It is reviewed by the most knowledgeable people in the hobby.

The information on the website was gathered by talking to owners, concours judges and looking at original cars.

Preserving the cars and their history's is also the focus of the Shelby American Automobile Club. Take a moment to think what the cars would be worth if the information to identify and authenticate them was not readily available.

Think of the Shelby Club as insurance protecting your investment. When's the last time someone from your agency had a party and took you for a ride in a real COBRA? It doesn't matter if you are into racing or concours competition.

Without projects like the Shelby American World Registry, we would all be on our own. History and documentation are the most important aspects of protecting high dollar cars and preserving the legacy.

I highly recommend you get involved with the club and share the information you have. Forty years after the cars were built new materials are still coming to light. There are some great people in the club and they are willing to share what they have.

I encourage you to join and contribute. If you are just paying the dues, you are not getting the full benefits of the club. Attend a convention or participate in the forums. Maybe you only have information on one car, it's a start. Maybe you have a suggestion to make things better ?

If you want to know about more about Shelbys, there is one place to look . . .

Shelby American Automobile Club
PO Box 788
Sharon, CT 06069

SAAC Webpage

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