Rules for Shelby Owners

Some things that will make your life easier.

Rule 1: Never, ever throw anything away. Repeat, never throw original parts away or trade them for other parts. It is rule number for a reason. If it came with the car, it stays with the car, even if it is well used.

Rule 2: Document your car. Paperwork and history are your friends. Documented cars are valuable cars. I recommend contacting the SAAC Registrar. SAAC is a club that has collected a lot of history on these cars.

Rule 3: Make a list of the parts missing on your car. Start looking for these parts and keep them. Even if you have no intention of using the smog system, you should have it. Finding good parts is not going to get any easier.

Rule 4: A little homework goes a long way. Having your engine rebuilt? Maybe you should know a little something about it. The same goes for other areas of the car. Oh, and if you do have your engine rebuilt, I highly recommend you dyno test it before it goes back into the car.

Rule 5: Know the players. There are a lot parts vendors that routinely sell used parts at ridiculous prices. Do you know who they are? Don't get taken to the cleaners for commonly available parts or parts that interchange with other models. Don't be fooled by comments like this is "rare" or "obsolete". It's your responsibilty to know the value before you buy. Many of these vendors also like to stretch the defintions of things like "new, old stock". Know what you want before you buy it. If you find a vendor that doesn't agree with you, stop buying from them! Conversely, don't be afraid to pay for a good part.

Rule 6: Thinking about having your car restored? Many restorers have long waiting lists. Beware of someone that will take your project right away or needs a big deposit. I also highly recommend the specialists.

Rule 7: Thinking about showing your car? Start early and attend some shows. Tag along with the judges and see what they are looking at. It will help you more than you know.

Rule 8: If you live in a place where there is a "driving season", plan your projects for the winter. Remember everything is going to take longer than you expect. My goal is when the car comes out of hibernation it is better in some way. Continuous improvement protects your investment.