October 1, 2022
by Peter Disher
with some help from Howard Pardee, Vincent Liska and Cobra expert, Ned Scudder.

Reynolds Ford was located at 2525 Erie Boulevard in Syracuse, New York. The dealership sold 119 Shelbys. That places them in the top thirty of all franchise dealers.

I found this ground breaking article in the Syracuse Herald November 1965. The original dealership was located just down the street. The dealership was owned by Sy Reynolds and his son, Peter Reynolds was the manager.

This advertisement from October of 1965 shows a Cobra roadster for sale. The car has been identified as CSX 3139...the only Cobra at Reynolds at the time of the advertisement. The advertisement still shows the original dealership address.

This Cobra was CSX 3223. It was originally painted red when it arrived at Reynolds. The first owner quickly figured out the dealership had replaced the potent 427 with a 390 before the sale. Needless to say, he was not happy when it was discovered. The "chance of a lifetime" ;-)

Here is CSX 3223 at a recent SAAC convention. Reynolds did have a history of early drag racing. They sponsored a Thunderbolt and a 1965 Shelby.

Here is the 1965 raced by Mike Gray of Reynolds Ford. It is currently in Australia. It is number 5S227. Picture from the internet.

The 1965 advertisement for the new 1965 Shelbys. Only some Ford dealers were "exclusive" franchise dealers. Reynolds would sell seven of the original GT350s.

The old advertisements are a treasure trove. Maybe your "GO-GO" salesman is in this ad??

This original 1966 Shelby was purchased in May of 1966 and stayed with the original family until 2022! Its number is 2045. Picture from the Internet.

High performance parts, like these NHRA drag heads, were often sold by the racing dealerships.

At least four of those 1966 models stayed around to February of 1967!

This black, 1967 GT350 was designated a "show car" and may have had some other duties at the dealership. It is number 54.

I wonder how many people were lucky enough to score a "Free miniature 1967 Mustang" ?

Car number 457 was one of a dozen GT500s sold by the dealership. Overall, they sold just over two dozen 1968s.

If you lost a 1968 hubcap, the good news is the replacement was only about $16 or about $135 today.

This GT350 is 1131 and represents the ten 1968 GT350s that passed through Reynolds. It was also a Hertz rental car.

It maybe dressed as a GT500 KR, but 1177 is really a GT500. Reynolds liked the black cars.

The handwritten notes inside the cover of 2312s owner's manual. It was the only GT500 KR convertible sold by the dealership.

You can put your money on "red" if you don't like black. 2886 is looking fine.

Reynolds handled a few show cars over the years. Apparently, Shelby didnt want anyone to drive this one!

1969 # 464 was one of the last Shelbys to be sold by Reynolds Ford.

You can tell this is a later advertisement from 1970. It mentions Mavericks. Bonus points if you can identify the cartoon character.

This decal is on the back of a 1968 Shelby.

Reynolds Ford would eventually become Backus Ford and later Legacy Ford. The 2525 Erie Boulevard location is now the parking lot of Price Choppers.

Just a quick note; many of the documents in the articles on thecoralsnake.com have been altered to prevent forgeries ;-)

If you have anything related to Reynolds Ford in Syracuse, please feel free to share it and I can add it to the article.