July 4, 2012

A little information about Shelby service bulletins and recalls.

Every car has them those pesky recalls and service items. Here we will take a look at a few of them. Just because your car was recalled, doesn't mean the changes were made. Let's start with the fog lights. Viva la France!

A special thnks to Bob and Tim for sharing this find.

The original fog lights for all 1968 Shelbys were intended to be the Marchal lamps. These lamps came from France. Problems with the lamps blowing to many fuses, led to changing circuit breakers. Later the Lucas lamps from England replaced the Marchals. For that reason, Marchal lamps are associated with earlier built cars. All GT500 KRs used the later Lucas lamps.

The dealer could order this kit from Ford. It is part number C8ZZ-15200-E.

Here is the side of the box. Notice that big red diamond?

It was apparently obvious these were meant to be replacement lamps.

One pair of brand new Lucas lamps. What a great find.

A closer look at the lens shows the "ENGLAND" script. This is an old version.

Orginal Lucas lamps will have two wires with two, male bullet connectors.

Another trait of original lamps is this small black grommet in the housing.

These brown sleeve connectors adapt one bullet on each lamp to a female lead. Then they can be plugged into the Ford harness.

Other cars were also subject to the recall, so Ford included mounting hardware just in case these lamps were going on a California Special or a Cougar.

If you need more information, you can check out the fog lamp page located on the website.