A special thank you to Bob Gaines, Vernon Estes and Mike P.

Paul's Ford was located at 110th Street and South 71st Highway in Kansas City, Missouri. If you look closely, you will see the Paul's Ford Sales banner in the photograph above. In 1969, Charles Miller was the General Manager of the dealership. The dealership enjoyed servicing "high performance" Ford cars. It used the nickname "Tall Paul's Ford" for many years. The dealership was owned by Paul Smith.

This has to be the best vintage ad I have ever seen. You had me at "Free Pony" . Well, the special "Branded Mustangs" isn't bad either. Presumably that refers to the cars. If all that weren't enough, embarass the staff by making them all pose for a picture wearing cowboy hats! "Come on boys, big smiles"

Vinny Liska always has cool paperwork. Racing parts anyone?

Bob found this 1967 accessory catalog. On the cover it says, " Earl Bloesser - Tall Paul Ford Sales" .

He also found Earl's old picture. Earl was actually the parts manager. I am told he was the Kansas City areas best man. People came from miles around to get Earl's parts and advice.

This car belongs to Mike P. It has to be one of the coolest 1967s Mustangs out there. It came from Tall Paul's. It is absolutely loaded with cool options. It is very rare for a Mustang to have 'Competion Suspension' and 15 inch wheels. Those are just some of the options. Mike says this car actually cost more than a fully loaded Shelby when it was new. This GT Mustang also has the desirable K-code 289 engine. If you are interested in this car you can contact Vernon Estes. It is for sale!

Salesman Paul Rinehart would be happy to help you find the Shelby of your dreams.

Talk about instant credibilty. A real Indy car driver on your staff ! Did they make Carl wear a cowboy hat? Carl and the rest of the staff only sold 78 Shelbys in five years. I show Paul selling just over 30 of those Shelbys during 1968.

# 2269 was one of the first GT500 KRs built. It quickly found its way to Kansas City.

The NFL player is always a good draw. Come on down and meet Dave Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs.

One of my favorite 1968s is from Paul's Ford. This car is mostly unrestored. That explains the crowd.

We can tell this ad is from 1968 or 1969 because the convertibles are in the house! Wait a second, 180 mph ? Maybe some tall tales at Tall Pauls?

One of those convertibles was # 3876. Perfect for the family cruise.

Like many 1960's dealerships, Paul's Ford had a drag club. There is nothing I like better than a blank check :-)

This Tall Paul's car is gorgeous. It's Shelby number is 2281.

I'll let you in on a little secret. All of the rare dealer paperwork on the website gets tweaked. I have already exposed several criminals that have tried to copy these documents and alter them to perpetrate fraud! One "winner" used a picture off a "letterhead" to phony up some fake 427 paperwork for his 1967 Shelby. Little did he know, he was actually using artwork from a postcard. As they probably said during the Mustang roundup sale, "This is not our first rodeo" ;-)

This ad is for closeout 1968s and the new 1969 Shelbys.

You might have picked up a car like # 4214 in that sale. It's a Paul's Ford car.

4233 might have been the last 1968 out of Paul's doors.

A vintage warranty envelope for storing your Paul's Ford documents.

I found this beautiful 1969 Shelby picture online. It is number '69 #1453 and came from the dealership.

This car has its original dealer warranty card. The card doesn't have the first owner's name, but says "DEALER DEMO". I am guessing Paul Knick was the lucky salesman who got to drive the demonstrator. Strangely enough, one of the future owners was none other than Mr. Bob Gaines!

Bob says the owner of this Pastel Gray, GT500 originally had a Boss 429. However, when the dealership could not repair the car in a timely manner he traded it in for this car.

Here is a great piece of literature, complete with a Paul's stamp and Shelby's signature. They are not making these anymore!

The original decal for the dealership remains mostly intact on this 1968 decklid.

Dave had a slightly different version on his 1968 Shelby.

Adrian found a metal Tall Pauls emblem on his Mustang.

The left part of the emblem appears to be missing based on the overspray. I suspect it said "TALL"

Paul's Ford closed in the mid-1970s and the building was cleared for a new freeway.

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