1968 Shelby Special Paint Cars

The rarest of all colors

Did you know a handful of customers ended up with some very strangely colored Shelbys?

There were five Special Paint Colors other than WT 6066 (Special Yellow).

Total 1968 Shelby production was 4,450 cars. Several early memos state there were to be 15 non-yellow special paint cars. I have documented 14 cars here and I believe there are 15 cars total.

These colors were never formally given names. The cars may have been part of the "Summer Sales Promotion". Each color does have a unique "WT" number to identify the specific shade.

At least one of these cars, number 3324, was painted the wrong color at the factory. I know, you have heard the "factory error" story before, but this is one is actually documented with Ford paperwork!

Serial number unknown, possibly seen near Calgary, Alberta, Canada

8T02J204827-03311, owner Bruce Berg, NY, WT 4017, Special Red

8T02R205311-03304, Private Collection, Iowa, WT 4017, Special Red
(repainted orange by previous owner)

8T02R205303-03287, owner Bernie Zelis, OH, WT 5014, Special Orange

8T02J204810-03271, owner Fred Warf, MD, WT 5014, Special Orange

No picture yet :-(
8T02R205345-03389, Owner unknown, WT 5107, Special Orange

8T02R206157-03397, owner Jack North, CO, WT 5107, Special Orange

8T02R205354-03405, Currently in France, WT 5107 Special Orange

8T02R205334-03324 owner Tom Nixon, TX, WT 5107, Special Orange

8T02R204798-03206 owner Peter Disher, WI, WT 5185, Special Orange

8T02R205271-03233, owner Benny Erickson, Sweden, WT 5185, Special Orange

8T02J205264-03218, owner Elman and Elta Sandell, TX, WT 5185, Special Orange

8T02R205338-03382, owner Mike Tillery, CA, WT 7081, Special Green

8T02R206150-03337, owner Allen Shattuck, IL, WT 7081, Special Green

The second picture shows the car with the original owner, Jack Waddell. Jack worked for Boeing and was one of the original 747 test pilots. Yes, those are snow tires and a ski rack on the special paint car.

8T02J204859-03370, Private Collection, MD, WT 7081, Special Green