NOS Parts

If you are restoring your car, the best parts to look for are new, old stock parts. The term "nos" is often used improperly. I have decided to show you some true NOS parts. Personally, I think it is a good idea to steer clear of NOS parts without their original packaging unless you are very knowledgeable.

Please keep in mind in most cases these are service replacement parts. These parts are not always the same as the production line parts.

These parts are not for sale.

If you some odd brackets, braces or panels, please email me. I am especially interested in 1965 coupe sheetmetal.

This is an odd part. Its a roof rail for a 1965 Mustang coupe. It goes above the driver's side door glass, under the roof skin. It is part number C5ZZ-6551186-A.

This piece is also for 1965 Mustang . It is welded in under the dashboard. It is part number C5ZZ-17496-A.

These are reproduced, but its rare to see an original in the box. The molding clip is for the front grille opening on a 1968 Shelby!

You have to be knowledgeable when you buy NOS parts. These motors mounts are NOS, but the "D1" parts indicates they are from 1971. They are correct for a 1968 big block Shelby. Ford consolidated parts whenever possible. If you are going to use these, you need to remove the decal and the yellow ID markings. The originals had a red ID stripe on the end.

Here's something most guys won't think twice about. It is a NOS ball nut for a steering box. Most rebuilds only get new seals and bushings.

It is part number C7ZZ-3524-D.

The matching sector shaft also has a Mercury Comet application. This with the new ball nut assembly, makes for a gear box that is as good as it gets!

NOS quarter panels are still around. But, I will bet you haven't seen an original 1968 NOS fastback quarter. I have only seen two of these in over 35 years.

NOS coupe quarter panels seem to be the easiest to find. These can be modified to use on a convertible. In my opinion, NOS is your only choice for a Shelby.

This brace is in the trunk and surrounds the filler neck for the fuel tank in the trunk. The part number is C5ZZ-6543235-A.

NOS trunk corners are a rare sight. These are for a 1965 coupe. I think they will also ft the convertibles. Part number C5ZZ-6545119-A and C5ZZ-6545118-A

An NOS roof is a rare sight. How about a full roof for a 1965 Mustang? The part number is C5ZZ-6550202-A. say you would rather have the fastback roof? The part number doesn't change very much. C5ZZ-6350202-A.

...and when you change the roof, you will need this cross member. It forms the top of the windshield opening and is part number C5ZZ-6503408-A.

Did I mention I really like NOS sheetmetal ? This has to be one of the larger parts serviced by Ford. It is for a 1965 and has the part number C5ZZ-16055-B stenciled on the bottom.

A NOS piece of fiberglass is a rare sight. But, if you look around you might find one. Like this NOS side scoop for a 1969 Shelby.

The 1967 roll bar retractor boot is unique to that year. It carries the number S7MS-6360235-A.

Rear bumper guards are part number C7ZZ-17984-A. The 1968 version has a small, cone shaped, rubber pad on the back side.

A NOS brake piston is C8OZ-2196-A. It has the Kelsey hayes mark on the top.

I like to use the NOS lights as the budget allows. This one is for the front valence. The part number is C8ZZ-13200-A. These are interchangeable from left to right. The red wire tie is a nice touch. It is often missing on concours cars.

Did I mention, I definetly have a fondness for odd NOS sheetmetal? This rather large pice of metal fits on the front side, frame rail of a 67-68 Mustang.

This part is for a 1965 shock tower brace. It is C5ZZ-16A249-A.

This brace is in the trunk and surrounds the filler neck for the fuel tank. Part number is C7ZZ-6543235-B.

Mustang and Shelby rear trunk latches are the same. They are cadmium plated. I have seen some early Shelby latches that have rounded corners. That was done to facilitate fitment. It is part number C7ZZ6543252-A.

I have seen NOS S-Tubes, but I think this is the first one I have seen with the KR accomodations. The extra notches and holes are unique to a GT500 KR. It is part number C8AZ-9652-A.

These new hinges are for the trap door behind the folding seat. The part number is C7ZZ-6345702-B.

Rear bumper brackets! A neat part. The bolt inserts got painted on these service parts. On the assembly line part they were not painted.

The side fender, marker lights come in left and right versions. You should look closely at the wiring when buying these. There are several variations. The marker has a yellow bulb. The lens should be FORD scripted.

This is a new lower control arm. These were dipped in black paint. The ball joint end remains bare steel. It also differs from the 1967 version.

The hardware kit for the lower control arms includes the bushings. It is part number C60Z-3048-A.

When I first saw this part it confused me. According to the part number it fit all 1968 Mustangs. But, why the big hole at the bottom? Then, I realized the door jamb is actually two pieces welded together. There is an inner panel and an outer panel.

This is the acclerator return spring. It is part number C5ZZ-9737-B. It was used on all big block Shelbys in 1968.

This part fits betwen the rear valance and the quarter panel to form the trunk "corner". If you have any odd sheet metal parts, I always have interest.

This is the cover for the deluxe interior door pull. These are hard to find in nice shape. It is part number C7WY-6522670-B. The part number indicates it was used elsewhere (like Cougars).

Bernie sent along this NOS headlight ring. It is part number S8MS-13052-A. Used only on Shelbys, both sides are the same.

The sunvisor decals are S7MS-6360234-A. They are the same as the 1967 Shelby part.

The S8MS-16B906-A is the part number for the "left" hood blackout decal. Many people forget this detail or paint the blackout. The S8MS-16B907-A was used on the "right" side of the hood.

The gas cap emblem came in two designs. The S8MS-9A031-C / "Shelby Cobra" was used on all GT500 and GT350s. It was also used on all hubcaps. The s8MS-9A031-E / "Cobra Jet" emblem was used only on GT500 KR fuel caps. It was NOT used on hubcaps.

You know, I love the odd sheetmetal parts. This one is actually a 1965 part. Have you ever seen one?

You need the upper A-pillar if you are replacing the lower. This one belongs to a 1968 convertible.

The heater control switch is not all that uncommon. Try to find the one in the Autolite box.

You may not immediately recognize this part. It is a C5ZZ-11160-B. It is the transition panel over the rear axle. There can't be many of these floating around. I am always looking for strange sheetmetal parts, especially the odd body brackets and unusual panels.

This inner bumper bracket is a little crude when compared to the OEM production line part. I am pretty sure its a genuine service part.

The vent glass is the same on all body styles, but most people don't realize the 1967 and 1968 versions differ. If you have changed your door or vent window frame this will be obvious to the trained eye. This one is for 1967.

Here is some pretty strong evidence Ford serviced the fog light lenses with "ENGLAND" scripts.

Here is an NOS water pump pulley for a big block car without AC. The center hub is unpainted. It has a FoMoCo paint stamp. The part number "C80E-8509-A" is also paint stamped on the part.

Normally, you wouldn't have a "D7" part number anywhere near a 1968 Shelby. But, the seat frames actually had a problem with backrest coming loose. The fix was this bracket. It is bolted to the frame to replace the poorly welded stud. If you are tearing into your seats, you may want to consider beefing up that mounting peg.

The master package of PCV Valves. The box contains more than a dozen different valves for various applications.

NOS 68 hubcaps are unique and have a special center hub. The part number is S8MS-1132-A. If they are boxed individually, they are service hubcaps. These are super hard to find. I offered to take the spare one, but I am still waiting for a reply.

Here is one of the Shelby Unique headlight brackets. This one is S8MS-8B322-A.

This is the front license plate bracket- a rare find NOS. S8MS-17A385-A

This is a pair of big block valve covers. The original boxes say S7MS-6A582-A.

The box has seen better days, but the early style chrome frame is in good condition. The part number is S8MS-15A436-A. These chrome frames were not used on the Mustangs.

This bracket is unique to 1968 Shelbys and used to mount the headlight. There are three other similar brackets. This one is part number S8MS-13101-A.

According to the 1975 Ford Master Parts Catalog the saddle steering wheel pad was never serviced. It must have been for a short period of time, because this is the real deal.

I believe the wheel cylinder is the same for all cars. Note the small bleeder screw.

1968 Shelbys used two different reflectors on the rear quarter panels. This is the later style. The part is also used on Mercury Cougars. Cougars used a plastic pad between the body and the reflector. The Mustang/Shelby does not use this pad. The attaching parts are two rubber filled pal nuts.

You might also notice the date on this package. Ford continued to supply parts up until about the year 2000.

This is a rare piece. A NOS grille. The shipping label shows the part number S8MS-8210-A. This part was originally shipped to Ted Schultz Ford in New York. The original grilles are a lighter gauge metal than the reproductions. They also have welded corners.

NOS rear folding seat bumpers ! These are the only ones I have ever seen. The bumper is different from the standard hood bumper. These are part number C6ZZ-6362426-A. These have a dished center. They currently reside on # 3206.

An NOS sunvisor decal in the original package. The reproductions are good quality. These are part number S7MS-6360234-A. They were used on fastbacks and convertibles.

A real Shelby outer bumper arm. The Shelby bumper supports are longer than the Mustang supports. This one is part number S8MS-17A975-A. It is for the right side.

An original GT350 stripe kit in black! Gee, they only made 14 cars that needed this kit, this has to be rare. The part number is S8MS-16224-E.

This original gas cap emblem is part number S8MS-9A031-C. These emblems were also used on the hubcaps. Original emblems have a unique appearance.

Have you ever seen an NOS carburetor? How about this GT500 - C8ZX-9510-A, new in the box! Absolutely incredible. These pictures courtesy of Bill at Mansfield Mustang.

New Old Stock Green glass Ford light bulbs. These were used inside the console gauges. I have also seen original painted bulbs. The trade number is 1895G. The Ford part number is C4SZ-13466-B.

This is part of the GT500 KR fender emblem. The current reproductions are very nice, but the originals have a red color that is slightly more orange in appearance. The part number is S8MS-16098-G.

The NOS- production line style washer bottle is a rare find. Inside the bottom of the bottle is a metal screen. On the outside an extra plastic boss surrounds the nipple. Part number C7OZ-17618-A. If you look closely you can see this bottle is correct, but has been mounted before.