July 4, 2022
by Peter Disher with some help from Vinny Liska.

Joe Myers Ford was located at 4410 Westheimer Road in Houston, Texas.

The owner, Joe Myers shown here in 1968.

Myers Ford did not become a Shelby franchise dealership until 1968. One of the first Shelbys they sold was number 306. Surprisingly, they didn't sell a lot of convertibles. Overall Myers sold nearly a thousand cars of various models.

This GT500 is #746. It was sent to Myers along with two other consecutive serial numbered cars. All together Myers sold around eighty 1968 models. Over half of those cars were GT500s.

Shelby number 806 wears the traditonal Shelby colors of white and blue.

One of only seven GT500 KR convertibles sold by the dealership was this special paint car, number 2848. It has a lot of original left on it. Joe Myers sold a handful of different special paint cars.

If you think yellow is rare, how about orange? 3324 represents one of 15 non-yellow special paint cars ever built.

The best thing to find is some original documentation. Not all dealers typed in the owner information on the cover of the owner's manual.

Some dealer instructions for new owners. The manual for 4111, reminds owners they need some documentation before they get their car serviced.

Generally speaking, red was never one of my favorite colors. But, Shelby #609 is stunning in its original Candyapple.

This beautiful GT500 is Gulfstream Aqua. It represents one 50 Shelbys sold by the dealership after 1968.

This has to be the most unique color ever put on a Shelby- Grabber Green. The specially colored 1969s appeared later in the model year to give sales a boost. This 1970 model is number 2644.

The original dealership has been replaced by apartments. Joe Myers continues to do business in Houston at a new location, about 15 miles away.

If you have anything related to Joe Myers Ford, please feel free to share it and I can add it to the article.