Information for this article was supplied by my good friend, Robert and his friend Scott. Scott used to work at McFayden during the summer. His father, Harry McMullen, also worked at the dealership. Mr. McMullen would later start his own Ford dealership.

McFayden Ford was located in Omaha, Nebraska. It was Nebraska's only Shelby dealer and also served parts of Iowa. The dealership was located at 502 South 20th Street. It was started in 1917 by brothers Grant and Joseph McFayden . Joe McFayden ran the business for many years. Later his son, Dick McFayden, ran the business. The dealership was subsequently passed on to his 2 children Rick and DeDee McFayden. Rick sold the dealership after his father died in 1983. Dick Jefferies and Nellie Knoutz bought the dealership in 1984 and they changed the name to Team One Ford. The dealership was absorbed by the metro stores in 1988. The metro stores were Ratigan Ford, Atchley Ford, Markel Ford, HP Smith Ford, and McMullen Ford.

After the dealership was sold in 1988 the original building was turned into the Omaha Children's Museum.

Robert researched most of this article and found this advertisement from McFayden. The internet is allowing many of these old ads to be seen for the first time in many years. This ad shows a 1967 Shelby for the bargain price of $3795 !

Here is an original piece of Shelby literature . Notice the Neb-Owa (Nebraska- Iowa) car club stamping. Mustang clubs were often associated with car dealerships in the 1960s. There was actually a National Council of Mustang Clubs. Also, take note of the salesman's name.

Here is Rich McGinnis at McFayden. Rich takes a minute to pose for a picture with Carroll Shelby. Shelby visited many of the dealerships promoting his cars. The Ford GT was used for the promotions.

I believe Ross Lorello was a good customer. You can see some of Ross had a 1967 GT500 in these photos. Being a good customer had its perks!

Do you remember records ? Here is an unusual item a Christmas record from the dealership. Bill sent this to me.

Bill makes frequent contributions to the site, but this is may his best work. The GT500 KR is number 3259. It was sold new at McFayden.

When this green GT500 KR appeared on eBay, I noticed the dealer script. It makes a nice addition to the page. The car looks quite nice as well.

I checked the Shelby Registry and found McFaydens did sell at least two aluminum bodied Cobras. It is unknown if one of them is the car referenced in the above photograph. The dealership also sold the Shelby Mustangs through 1970.

This was edited from a photograph found online. It's a billboard creatively changing the dealership's name to "McForden". I'm guessing the dealership was about six blocks away!

Here is a picture of Robert and Scott attending the Mid America All Ford Show in Tulsa. As you can see Ford's high performance years have had an obvious influence. This GT belongs to Scott.

If you find anything related to McFaydens Ford please drop me an email.