July 4, 2020

A special thanks to Vincent Liska, Dan Case, Eric Z. and Jim Cowles for contributions.

Phil Long Ford was located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The dealership is not far from the United States Air Force Academy.

This post card shows the dealership in the 1960s. Note the sign on the hill in the background.

A spacious, well lighted, service bay attracts customers.

Another vintage shot of the exterior.

CSX 2020 was sponsored by Phil Long Ford. The car, originally red, was driven up Pike's Peak by Chuck Frederick in July 1964.

This Cobra, CSX 2507, was one of the first Shelbys sold by the dealership. It was originally silver in color and sold right after the Pike's Peak event. Sponsorship sucessful !

The dealership sold 77 Shelbys. Most of those cars were sold after 1968, but there were a handful before.

Sometimes we forget Shelby dealers sold other cars! Here is an advertisement for the High Country Special Mustangs.

In 1967, Ford had a national contest for parts managers.

Phil Long parts man, JD Holyfield was the champion.

The dealership sold thirteen 1968 Shelbys.

Twelve of those cars were GT500 KRs. Number 2495 was the only GT350 sold.

The Veteran's Day sale. Phil Long was a decorated, World War 2 veteran himself. He flew Hellcat fighters off the deck of the USS Enterprise.

A close up shows a yellow, GT500 KR, fastback for $4488

Number 3892 could be that car!

This cool ashtray came from the dealership.

59 Shelbys sold by Long Ford were 1969 models.

It's probably not a coincidence that Playboy bunnies arrived around the time sales increased.

When Joe Bishop, the General manager, realized the Air Force Academy was full of Corvettes and GTOs, he recognized it as a sales opportunity. Connie Kreski flew in to promote the Shelbys. She, was intimately familiar the cars, having her very own pink GT500.

Connie Kreski poses with a Phil Long car.

It was October. It's always good to have a jacket. The Air Force will take care of you !

The Phil Long dealer emblem.

This yellow 1970, number 3244, would be one of the last Shelbys to leave the dealership.

Phil Long passed away in 2001. The Phil Long dealerships are still very vibrant in Colorado and New Mexico. If you stop by, look for that sign on the hill. It's still there.

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