October 1, 2016

Updated 9/27/17

Thank you to everyone that helped !

Alden for dealer postcard
Vinny Liska, Bill C, Rod T, Nick and Vern for their contibutions

Jack Loftus Ford was located at 300 East Ogden Avenue in Hinsdale, Illinois.

The dealership sent out this letter in 1964. It highlighted Ford's total performance and NASCAR wins. Loftus was the Chicago area's largest Shelby dealer. They ranked number ten all time, selling 216 Shelbys. This included seven big bock Cobras.

Here is an advertisement from 1965.

Loftus sold 11 1965 Shelbys, including the Competition model 5R106.

Vern found this great Jack Loftus ashtray. It proudly says "House of Ford".

In 1966 they sold 69 cars!

In 1967, Loftus sold 51 cars. Rod's car is # 36, one of the first 1967s to arrive at Loftus.

In 1968 the dealership sold 35 Shelbys. I found a good representation in the files. Car number 184 is a Highland Green, GT500 convertible.

Number 242 is another GT500 convertible from Loftus.

Vern also found this cool postcard addressed to the dealership.

Shelby 557 came through as Sunlit Gold with a saddle interior.

A paper envelope like this probably held your warranty documents and owner's manual.

1628 is a car I restored. Not surprisingly, I dont have a single good picture of the entire car. The Autolite carburetor came from the factory. I have found several GT500s built in January that did not receive the Holley as intended.

This Loftus convertible is # 2012. It has had the rocker panel stripe color changed. The factory would have used blue stripes on a white car.

GT500 KR # 2318 looks ready for the beach....with a surfboard on top. I suggest a drive to the Pacific. I will give us a little more time to enjoy the ride.

You know paperwork is important. This is called a "jackpot". The original sales contract for 3437.

3437 is one of the last of the GT350s for 1968. You will be hard pressed to find a GT350 with a higher serial number. It was built the last week in May. During the months of June and July, AO Smith exclusively built the GT500 KRs.

If paperwork is hard to find, finding original engine pictures is even harder. This is a restorer's dream come true. A picture of the original engine of #3632 shortly after delivery ! !

The current owner of # 3632 was gracious enough to share his stash of original photos with me. If you are not sharing, what's the point?

This advertisement was actually placed by several Chicago area dealers.

In 1969, the dealership sold 43 cars.

The dealership moved in April of 1970. Today, the location of Jack Loftus Ford is occupied by a Land Rover dealership.

If you have any vintage items associated with Jack Loftus Ford, I would appreciate hearing from you.