Larry Lange Ford was located at 924 East 27th Street in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Larry Lange was barely out of college when he purchased Dick Walter's Ford dealership. The Walter's dealership sold 37 Shelbys in 1965 and 1966 and was located in Des Moines.

5S337 is a 1965 Shelby that was sold by Dick Walter's Ford. The car was restored to concours specifications.

The dealership sold a total of 69 Shelby automobiles between 1967 and 1970. These advertisments appeared in the Waterloo Courier. Can you pick out your salesman?

In 1967, They sold 32 Shelbys! Larry Lange was known for writing personal letters to each of his customers.

1968 Shelby sales dropped to 21 cars. This included this red GT350. It is #218.

1968 # 718 also came through the dealership.

The gold cars always look impressive. 2640 was one of the few convertibles to come through the dealership.

This car is # 3931. The color was changed from Lime Green to Brown on this GT500 KR.

This letter signaled the end for Shelbys at Larry Lange Ford. Memo courtesy of Mr. Vinny Liska, Shelby American Automobile Club.

Larry Lange moved to Texas in 1970 and started a Chrysler dealership.

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