October 1, 2021

Peter Disher and historical information from the Kayser Ford Website.

Kayser Ford was located at 702 East Washington Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin. Kayser Ford was not a Shelby franchise dealership.

Madison is Wisconsin's second largest city. Madison is also home to the University of Wisconsin. The only franchise Shelby dealership in the state was Northwestern Ford. Northwestern was 125 miles away.

Kayser is one of the oldest Ford dealerships starting just after the turn of the century.

Kayser also had a Lincoln dealership downtown across the street from the University. That building is long gone.

Kayser actually had a complex of buildings along East Washington. This street was a main center of commerce. All these buildings are still standing, although they have been repurposed.

The capital city certainly had a little interest in high performance cars as indicated by this advertisement. I am not sure if Kayser sold any 1965 Shelbys, but they had one on display.

Many Shelbys were sold by non-franchise dealers. The cars were required to come through a nearby franchise dealer. This is number 236 and it had an original delivery destination of Northwestern Ford, but was sold new by Kayser.

Number 1016 was original sold to a professor from the University of Wisconsin. The car has a very interesting history. We know the car was serviced under warranty in Miami, Florida. It was later discovered in Puerto Rico and repatriated to the United States. This car also originally came through Northwestern Ford.

The good old days on East Washington !
Kayser Ford has moved to a new location, but continues its rich history of selling cars to Madison and the surrounding communities.

If you have a car from Kayser Ford please let me know. I am always interested in adding to these dealer stories.