Horn-Williams Ford was located at 2060 South Buckner in Dallas, Texas.

The dealership started in 1939 by John J. Horn and W.H. Williams. In the 1960s, the dealership was owned by two partners. John Horn, Jr. and William Bright happily posed for this picture.

Horn-Williams sold seven 1965 Shelbys. They sponsored this R-model at Green Valley raceway in May of 1965.

In 1966, the sales rose to 34 Shelbys. This Hertz car originally saw duty in California. It was purchased by William Bright after its Hertz duties. The car is 6S869.

By 1967, the dealership had sold 40 cars and least nine of those 1966s were ready for the blow out sale.

Ruben sent a picture of his car. You will instantly recognize it as an early 1967. This is the view most people see (the back). Ruben's car is # 0022

By 1968, 38 Shelbys come through the dealership. Here are just a few of them:

This Acapulco Blue GT500 is number 541. Twenty 1968 GT500s were sold by the dealer.

You do remember when these were considered cars? Cars that pulled trailers?

Here is that same car. 68 # 713 has been restored and received a few modifications since leaving 2060 Buckner. I am guessing the trailer hitch is gone.

Gee, I wonder why someone would need four new, 1968 hubcaps? Maybe because they would fly off and knock over little kids. This cool Horn Williams invoice was provided by Vinny Liska.

Eighteen 1968 GT350s showed up in Dallas. Only three of those were Hertz rentals. This car is # 1070 one of those three.

It's a little hard to see, but the Horn-Williams stamp is inside this 1968 owner's manual. You can ring them up at EX8-6681.

Here is that car. It is number 1395. The original owner was Mr. Peacock of Garland, Texas.

It's hard to believe, but only 3 GT500 KRs were sold by Horn-Williams. This is one of them # 3724.

1969 sales were steady at 37 cars. That puts Horn-Williams total at just over 150 cars.

Russell sent a picture of his 1969. It is # 1174.

Like many other dealerships, Horn had it's own "Drag Club". Thanks to Tom in California for this cool contribution.

Tom also collected these Ford models. It's east coast vs west coast!

The dealership used this metal script on some of the cars they sold.

The dealership went bankrupt and closed in 1991. The old lot is currently occupied by a Walgreens. Oh, the travesty...

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