The History of 2057

Updated April 1, 2013

Is Shelby number 2057 a "secret agent" in disguise? The history of the car is certainly special, but is it also hiding another secret?

Serial Number 8T03S173659-02057 was built as an Acapulco Blue convertible with a saddle interior. This combination would be seldomly used, with only 17 Shelby convertibles having these colors. In the coming years, 2057 would have an interesting history and become a world traveler.

In April of 1968, the car was intially sent to Northwestern Ford in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Along with nine other convertibles, 2057 was taken to the newly opened Playboy Mansion in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Minar Ford in Minneapolis also supplied cars to the mansion. These cars stayed at the mansion anywhere from one month to as long as six months. It is believed they were used by staff and special guests. A Grand Opening Parade was held in conjunction with the opening of the mansion. All ten cars participated in the parade.

I traced the history of all 17 Shelbys built in this color combination and it strongly suggests the car was used for the TV series "Get Smart". Get Smart was 1960s comedy series that starred Don Adams. Adams was a secret agent. He was also a comedian that frequented the Playboy clubs. The car appears in season four (1968). After studying several episodes in season 4, the following information about the car was noted: The Acapulco Blue, GT500 has a saddle interior and no air conditioning. The car also has the later style reflectors, Lucas fog lamps and large, lettered Goodyear tires.

In one episode, a special "secret agent" steering wheel phone can be seen. You can also see there is no air conditioning vent. This is an important clue.

These clues eliminate thirteen of the seventeen cars. Of the remaining four cars, only one appears to have a history that matches the time frame for the television series. That car is # 2057.

In early 1969 the car was sent to Colorado. There it was sold used by Courtesy Ford in Denver. There is also some information the car may have made a brief appearance at Johnny Harper Ford in Wheatridge, Colorado.

The first owner, David had the car for about a year before trading it back to Courtesy Ford. David had several Shelbys over the years. He enjoyed them all. He was unaware of the early history of the car. Like many cars, the history trail ends for a time.

Thanks to the Shelby American Automobile Club we again find the blue convertible in 1996. The owner, Dennis Pelletier, lived in Canada. Numerous attempts to find this owner have been unsucessful. However, we do know the car was repainted a pale, yellow color. A brown convertible top nearly made the car unrecognizable.

In 2010, I got an email from the new owner. The first thing I noticed was the email address was from New Zealand. The story sounded very typical. "I have found a Shelby in Japan and am awaiting transport of the car to my home in New Zealand. I was hoping you could help me with a few items?" I immediately had that sinking feeling in my stomach. We have all heard the stories before....send a deposit and we will send you the car. Fortunately, I already had heard this car was really in Japan and it was for sale. Cars imported to Japan usually have a special Japanese VIN stamped into the body. Brendon, the new owner, was able to recite the VIN.

2057 sits in Japan awaiting shipment to New Zealand

A short time later, Brendon, sent the first pictures of the former Playboy Mansion car. Overall it looked very solid. I am happy to report the car is currently undergoing a complete restoration. It will be painted Acapulco Blue and the white top will return. Brendon continues to search for the missing history of his car and how it started its international travels. But, then again a secret agent would be good at covering his tracks.

2057 in New Zealand undergoing restoration

Here are some more pictures of the progress. The Coralsnake is worldwide, so a few pictures from the other side of the world are no problem.

The finished body on the rotiserrie is always an exciting time. It takes a lot of hard work to get to this stage.

The Acapulco Blue and saddle will look awesome. Its a shame to cover those beautiful floors with a carpet.

The engine is in place and the car is ready for final body fitment.

This shot was taken ust before the finishing touches were added. It looks as good as new.

Here is Mark, the restorer, with the finished car. It's back to the original colors.