1968 Shelby Hardware

Here is some of the hardware used on 1968 built Shelbys.

This plain headed bolt looks like it came from the hardware store. It was used without a washer for mounting the export brace to the cowl.

This bolt is number 302317-S. It is a carrige bolt. The measurements are 1/4-20 x 3/4. Five of these bolts are used to mount the front, lower valence. Factory paperwork indicates the three bolts inside the grile opening should be painted body color. The two lower bolts are unpainted. They drop in the Mustang's front frame rails to mount to the lower tabs of the front valence.

Every Ford bolt has a unique number. This bolt is numbered 378178. You can identify which bolt you need by looking at the Ford assembly line manuals. This bolt is commonly used to mount front fenders.

A part number suffix is added to identify the finish on the bolt. The bolt on the left is 378178-S7 . The "S7" identifies the silver finish. This bolt tends to be on later built cars. The bolt in the center has the same part number, but a different head design. This design is more common on early built 1968 Shelbys.

The last bolt is a 378178-S2 . AO Smith used the black oxide version of this bolt to mount hoods and rear decklids to the hinges on 1968 Shelbys. It has a small anchor as a design.

This bolt is a body bolt used by Ford. You will find a couple of different head designs. It is commonly used to hold lower radiator brackets to the body. It is also used to hold the fuel line guard on the rear torque box. I have also seen it holding resonators on to the exhaust pipe hangers. Note that it has a tappered end. This bolt is Ford part number 381877-S2.

This one was used by AO Smith. It is a 1/4-20 self drilling screw. I have seen two different head designs. There is a "SEMS" marking and an "M" with a vertical line through the center. It was used to hold the front fiberglass shelf together. It was also used to mount the hood pin brackets to the radiator support. You will also find this bolt holding the mesh grille to the body. It is part number 14453.