Posted July 4, 2019

Galpin Ford was located 15505 Roscoe Boulevard in Sepulveda, CA. It is a neighbor of Los Angeles.

H.F. Boeckmann was the president and co-owner of the dealership in 1967.

The dealership sold 163 Shelbys between 1965 and 1970. Most of the cars sold were 1968 and 1969 models. In 1968, they sold 55 Shelbys. In 1969, that number increased to 59 cars.

This is Galpin's showroom in 1967. They could fit more than a dozen cars inside.

Adjacent to Galpin's showroom is the Horseless Carriage Restaurant.

This early GT350 is number 88. It's a never restored, survivor from Galpin. It's still sporting the old black plates.

Galpin's advertisement from the August 1968 Valley News.

This car is looking strong 50 years after it left Galpin. It is # 235.

This invoice to Galpin shows how active the dealership was.

#1804 is a Galpin car. The Sunlit Gold cars were gone before the GT500 KRs came to Galpin.

If your salesman was Jack Evans, he might have handed you his card.

Bob had his photograph of 1874 autographed by Carroll Shelby.

Don and Lee's car is the best restored GT500 in the country. There is no debate. It is # 2139.

An original spec sheet with the salesmen's card attached! Jackpot.

A Galpin webpage wouldn't be complete without a GT500 KR.
2928 came from Galpin and answered the call.

Here is a close-up of an old advertisement. Galpin perfected the special model for their dealership. These unique cars attracted potential buyers. A rumble seat and a hard top convertible Mustang! I have also seen special suspension packages and flower tops on coupes.

I frequently get emails about special paint cars. Often times these cars were built for special dealer promotions. This Galpin ad features the "Rainbow of Colors" . Orange Ice and Razzle Dazzle Yellow are the names they used, even though those were not official Ford colors.

Here is the replacement color for Sunlit Gold. It is Ford's special paint color # WT 6066. The car is number 3590.

The new 1969 GT350 is featured in this advertisement.

Galpin Ford is still selling cars in the original location. Sepulveda has been renamed North Hills. Next time you are in Los Angeles stop in and say "hi" and grab a cheeseburger at the Horseless Carriage Restaurant.

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