Pete Disher presents The Best 1968 Shelby Webpage !!!


The best place to start your detailing project is with vintage photographs. I only know of one original 1968 GT 500 KR engine photo. This is an Acapulco Blue fastback. Here is that picture. Here are some observations on this photograph:

> There is no air cleaner decal on the lid
> No caution fan decal on the radiator shroud
> The breather hose has a 90 degree bend on it.
> The hood plenum has orange/brown glue holding it on
> The bolts for the hood striker are phosphated, while the others on the support are bright silver
> The horn bolts are phosphated (dark gray)
> The car has the Thermactor (smog system)
> You can probably see some other things...

This photograph appears in Car Life, October 1968. The car is obviously new. It is KR 4spd.

Here are some observations from this photograph:

> No caution fan decal on the radiator shroud
> Hood seal on radiator support is stapled
> Carburetor still has idle limiter caps and dashpot in place
> Thermactor (smog) system in place
> Dual Vacuum advance on 4spd car
> Rubber straps on export brace
> Silver fitting on oil cap
> Wire style radiator hose clamps
> Silver gaskets on valve covers

... and you probably see a few more....

Here is an original GT500 engine bay. This picture appeared in Motor Trend, March of 1968. I think the car is automatic transmission car. The radiator hose clamp on this is the band style. It may be a very early model.

Here is one for the GT350 owners. This picture appeared in Road and Track Magazine, June 1968. One interesting item here is the horn bolts are obviously not the same as on the KR above. The article says the car is a Hertz rental.

Here are some details on the individual engines used in 1968 Shelbys. Six different engine configurations were used:

GT350 302/4spd Transmission/Thermactor Emission
GT350 302/Auto Transmission/IMCO Emission

GT500 428 Police Interceptor/Auto Transmission/Thermactor Emission
GT500 428 Police Interceptor/4spd Transmission/Thermactor Emission

GT500 KR 428 Cobra Jet/Auto Transmission/Thermactor Emission
GT500KR 428 Cobra Jet/4spd Transmission/Thermactor Emission


Exhaust Manifolds