January 11, 2022
by Peter Disher with some help from Vinny Liska.

Dub Richardson Ford was located at 3815 North May Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The dealership is very close to historic Route 66.

Here is the marquee from 1964. That will get your attention.

Here is a picture of the owner, Dub Richardson. He started the business in 1958.

August 29, 1965: The Daily Oklahoman ran this story introducing the 1965 Shelbys. The dealership sold 96 Shelbys in five years. They sold seven 1965 Shelbys and Bob Womack was your salesman.

I found 6S180 on a Sotheby's auction page. Looking real fast.

Dub Richardson Ford had a hi-performance center as indicated by this advertisement. It shows several 1966 models.

This Richardon car is Nightmist Blue. A 1967 GT 500 that is reportedly unrestored.

A tent sale was a popular promotion, this one from 1967.

This is the sales manager, Lynn Hickey. The full page ad is for 1967 Mustangs. The dealership was sometimes called Dub Richardson Ford Ranch. In this advertisement Richardson is also selling special paint Mustangs ordered for the promotion.

This ad is likely from 1968 because they are advertising convertible Shelbys. The ad copy shows a 1967 model. The dealership sold 25 1968 models. But, only two of these cars were GT500 KRs.

Car # 51 is red and has the distinction of being a dual serial numbered car.

I have met the owner of # 225 and his post-Richardson purple paint job stands out in a crowd.

It's hard to beat a nice, clean white convertible like # 254.

Maybe racing stripes are your fancy? They look good on # 517.

This black, GT 350 convertible was at the Tulsa Mid America show, not far from home.

Vinny Liska's memo from 1968 shows Frank Bell as the parts manager.

Richardson sold this car. It's number 945.

The original owner of # 1417 made sure his car had air conditioning.

#1539 participated in concours competition and looks every bit as good as it did in OKC. This car was restored by the world famous Tim Lea.

An older photograph of # 1721 shows a little accident damage. Nothing too serious.

Ahhh...Sunlit Gold to brighten your morning. #1778 is ready for a cruise down memory lane.

This invoice came from SAACs Registrar, Vinny Liska. Imagine buying a 1967 nose for $110 ! Parts were big business.

Shelby dealers also sold other hi-performance cars. Richardson sold this Boss 429 in Royal Maroon.

1969 - The Going Fling? Well, that must have been Richardson's spin on Ford's "The Going Thing". Richardson sold 29 Shelbys in the 1969-70 model year.

Car # 94 is white with blue stripes and this has to be one of the all time great color combinations.

The next car was of course, #95. It was Silver Jade on the lot. Hey wait a second? Well, yellow works too.

Some people are not partial to a white interior, but I love it! #1513 shows it goes great with Acapulco Blue.

# 2728 slipped through as a 1970 model. I think it's still in Oklahoma.

Another 1970 is # 3090 and this one is polished up prettier than a new penny.

# 3239 proves special paint cars always get more attention.

I must say this collection of original Richardson cars maybe unequalled. # 3283 was one of the last Shelbys built.

I have found two different styles of the original dealer nameplates.

Today, there is a Lowes Home Improvement store on the original location of Dub Richardson. Metro Ford of Oklahoma City is just across the street.

If you have anything related to Dub Richardson, please feel free to share it.