With contributions from Steve M.

Courtesy Ford was located at 5850 South Broadway in Littleton, Colorado (Denver). The dealership was owned by Jeff Davis. During the late 1960's, they became the fourth ranked Shelby dealer, officially selling 276 Shelbys. However, many of the Shelbys the dealership sold were "used".

From this ad it looks like someone had trouble paying for their black, 1966 GT350. This was your chance to get one for $72.11 a month! Courtesy sold eighty eight 1965 / 1966 Shelbys.

The showroom was always full of new Fords. Courtesy sold about 500 cars a month. Half of those were new vehicles. In this photo, Bruton Smith the General Manager, speaks to salesman Ron Brinkhoff.

A 1967 GT350 at $ 3816.00 seems like a good deal. 1967 Shelby sales came in at 58 cars. The Denver Post is a good place to look for old advertisements.

This picture of # 41 is from the 1970s. The car was used to test fuel injection at the factory. Car # 41 was stolen in the 1970's and never recovered.

Courtesy must have had an arrangement to sell off the cars no other dealers would take. This is car #101. This picture of # 101 is from the 1970s.

There was only one 1968 "GOLD" fastback at the dealership when this Courtesy ad ran. That's $2,000 off the MSRP. That whopping discount was because #101 was a former engineering test car for fuel injection.

1968 # 2057 was also a "used" Shelby, a left over from the Playboy mansion in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

It's probably not a coincidence that two of the best concours cars in the country came from the dry, Colorado climate. This GT350 is # 308.

In my opinion, # 3660 is the best restored 1968 Shelby in the country. It's owned by Ben Wagoner and currently resides in California.

1968 was the high year for Shelby sales at 83 cars sold by the dealership. This advertisement also offers you the new GT/CS Mustang.

Car # 3038 is an original Courtesy Ford car.

This gorgeous red, fastback is # 3054. It has found a new home in Canada.

There is no doubt, one of the most popular colors for 1968 was Lime Green and # 3055 wears it well. It still sports the original hubcaps!

A beautiful lime green, GT500 KR from Courtesy is one of the last 1968s they sold. This car is # 4065.

4102 was an experimental, engineering car. The car was used test a supercharged 428 Cobra Jet. When the engineers were done with the car, it went to Courtesy.

Of course, when the car showed up at Courtesy the supercharger had been removed. I found this ad for a yellow KR. Based on the dates of the ad, it is # 4102.

I have seen several Courtesy Ford dealer plates. Most people agree this is the correct one for the late 1960s.

John sent along a picture of 1969 # 812. What a gorgeous color combination. The car was originally invoiced to Pletcher Ford in Pennsylvannia.

During the 1969-70 model year, Courtesy sold 43 Shelbys.

When Pletcher Ford in Jenkintown, PA closed its doors in 1969, the remaining inventory was shipped to Courtesy Ford. It included 26 Shelbys. The 1969 shown above was one of those cars. It was sold new from Courtesy.

Ben found this decal in his glovebox. It is believed it was applied by Courtesy Ford before the car was sold.

Today the address is home to Car Max. The original dealership became "GO Courtesy". They moved down the street and later closed.

If you have anything to share related to Courtesy Ford, please feel free to contact me.