Racing with Conelec


There is no doubt Conelec's main product was the Electronic Fuel pump. It was used by a lot of famous race car drivers in the late 1960s and the 1970s.

The pump was popular among independents and professional racers. This Talledega pictures was shared by Richard Fleener of the Talledaga Registry. You might spy the Conelec decal on the rear quarter panel.

Sandy Elliot was another racer who used the Conelec Pumps. The decal is low on the front fender of his Cobra Jet coupe.

This Shelby drag car made an appearance at one of the SAAC conventions. It still had the twin fuel pumps in front of the fuel tank.

I have not found a race car that used the EFI system yet. These photos came from Conelec's advertising files. This one is "Dyno" Don Nicholson.

I am not sure if this planned Dyno Don advertisement ever made it to the pages of a magazine.

Some more insight to the planned advertisements.

This is actually the cover of a large brochure. Bill Hielscher was an award winning driver.

The brochure goes on to give a laundry list of other famous drivers that use Conelec pumps.

Jim sent me a picture of his gagrage. If you don't recognize this Cyclone, it's one of the original cars from Ford of Canada's Performance Clinic.

These dual, Conelec fuel pumps have been on the car since the 1970s!

If you find any Conelec racing cars, I am always interested in seeing them.