GT350 Intake Recall

April 1, 2013

Originally the 1968, GT350 was designed to use the Cobra Aluminum Hi Rise Intake manifold.

Ford's New Jersey assembly line built all 1968 GT350s with the "J" code, cast iron intake manifold. The cars were also equipped with the Autolite 4300 carburetor. The C8ZF-9510-D was used on automatics and the C8ZF-9510-C was used on 4 speeds.

All cars built after March 15, 1968 would have the iron intakes replaced at AO Smith with the S7MS Cobra intake. At this time, most GT350s had already left AO Smith.

SHELBY sent a recall letter on May 21, 1968, for the cast iron intake manifold. Cars returned to dealerships could have received either the S7MS aluminum intake and in some cases might have been refitted with a S2MS aluminum intake. The S2MS intake was reenginered in 1967 and if you are going to use that manifold, you need to find a later version.

Many dealerships would install manifolds. They also had the option of leaving the Autolite carburetor in place or replacing it with a Holley part. The S8MS-9510-A was to be used on automatics and the S8MS-9510-C was to be used on the 4 speeds. The S8MS-9510-A is pictured above.

Built before 3/15/68 Built after 3/15/68 and Recalled Cars
GT 350 Auto Iron Intake and C8ZF-D carb Aluminum Intake and S8MS-A Holley
C8ZF-D carb
GT 350 Auto
Iron Intake and C8ZF-D carb Aluminum Intake and C8ZF-D carb
GT 350 4spd w/Thermactor Iron Intake and C8ZF-C carb Aluminum Intake and S8MS-C carb
C8ZF-C carb

These fittings and steel brake lines were removed from the iron intakes and reused on the Cobra Intakes. Therefore, some of the parts retain the factory blue paint.

This is the correct NOS spacer plate for the Holley carburetors. It has a steel pcv nipple on the rear. These are hard to find today.

Here is a copy of the recall letter sent to dealers.