The Selig Ford Fan Club

Knippel-Selig Ford was located at South 71st Street in West Allis, Wisconsin ( a suburb of Milwaukee ). The dealership was started by Bud Selig's father. You may recognize the name Selig. Bud went on to become the commissioner of major league baseball.

Here's a dealer promotional car, I bet you have not seen before. ...

This advertisement appeared in newspapers in April of 1968. Milwaukee area residents could get a special "Selig Swinger" with a "racy c-stripe and a vinylized roof"

This is the Knippel-Selig dealer nameplate. This one is a little cruddy, but it is intact. Several people have identified the figure on the left as a seal.

Here is a picture of Bud back in the day. I think I would buy a car from this guy.

Perry saw this Selig emblem at a car show and snapped a picture of it. It looks to be the correct vintage.

This is an "encased" coin. They were very popular in the 1960's. Most of them were promotional items and had a message similar to "keep me and you will never go broke". This Selig coin is in great shape. Now you have another thing to look for....

Here is another cool piece from Selig Ford, courtesy of the salesman.

Here is Selig Ford today. The dealership closed many years ago, but you can still see the art deco design. The building is occupied by an auto repair shop.