"Celebrating 20 years"

1> Updated quarterly with over 100 updates since 2001. Over 100 links and hundreds of pages of reference material. Never an advertisement and always free!

2> Identified the total number of special paint cars and located 14/15 non yellow special paint cars. The home of Shelby "special paint" cars!

3> Researched the history of the only 1968 Hertz GT350 convertible. Obscure memos in SAACs archives were determined to belong to this special car.

4> Exclusive additional history on the only maroon, convertible built. This GT500 KR was determined to be one of a kind.

5> Identified the 1968 Publicity/Press car. This blue, GT500 KR with a saddle interior has not resurfaced, but the history is known.

5> Found Oliver North's original GT 350. Mr. North was interviewed in 2003, after his car was found.

6> Rediscovered the "lost" C8AE-AF carburetor information. Yes, some 1968 GT500s did come with Autolite carburetors.

7> Acknowledged by the Shelby American Automobile Club, Kevin Marti, Greg Kolsa and many others in their reference books.

8> Contributed over 1,000 photographs to the new SAAC World Registry. No easy task there, but the website's library is extensive.

9> Identified the 1968 Paris "Showing" car. Inspiration for the ACME model cars.

10> The first to cover Elite Shelby show Winners. You can find the best 1968 Shelbys here.

11> The first to discuss the documentation on 1968 pre-production engineering vehicles.

12> The first to document 1969 Pilot Cars (Engineering Vehicles).

13> The first to document Shelby Dealerships, now with over 3 dozen exclusive articles. The website that made hubcaps and dealership emblems popular again.

14> Rediscovered the Conelec company information and saved the original archives. Became the first to build a Shelby with the Conelec EFI system in 50 years.

15> Assisted with the building of the only 1968 Shelby coupe, the "Green Hornet" - prototype car by assisting in documentation and suppling original EFI components.

16> The first to publish information on the first 1968 Shelbys built. With the help of Kevin Marti the website identified the first five 1968 Shelbys built. The website was the first to document these 1968 "pilot cars".

17> Documenting "survivor cars" and becoming a resource for others by providing trusted information.

18> Keeps a historical record of all SAAC Gold cars. These are the best of the best.

19> Explanations of all 1968 Shelby recalls with specific information and photos.

20> A trusted source for concours information. As a former, national head judge, thecoralsnake.com is the source for accurate, peer reviewed information.