This page will give you a starting point for detailing your car. Keep in mind there were variations on the production line and not all cars were the same. I encourage everyone to do their own research and compare it to what you find here.

If you are going to show the car in MCA Thoroughbred or SAAC , painting natural parts may not be appropriate.

I encourage you to drive your car and enjoy it the way Carroll Shelby intended it to be... Keep in mind, when the cars were new, many of the suspension components would have been rusty, by the time they hit the show room floors!

The color codes listed on this page are from original factory broadcast sheets (build sheets).

The 1969 "concours color coding chart"

Model Transmission Front Spring Front Spring w/AC Driveshaft Colors
350 Fastback Automatic YEL TAN YEL TAN CH LA WT
350 Fastback 4 Speed YEL TAN YEL TAN LB LA RD
350 Convertible Automatic YEL TAN YEL GLD CH LA WT
350 Convertible 4 Speed YEL TAN YEL TAN LB LA RD
500 Fastback Automatic GLD PNK GLD GRY LB DB RD
500 Fastback 4 Speed GLD PNK ? LB OR YL
500 Convertible Automatic GLD GRY GLD GRY LB DB RD
500 Convertible 4 Speed ? ? LB OR YL
Drag Pac Fastback Automatic GLD PNK N/A DB TN WT
Drag Pac Fastback 4 Speed N/A LB RD WT
Drag Pac Convertible Automatic N/A DB TN WT
Drag Pac Convertible 4 Speed GLD PNK N/A LB RD WT

The color codes on this chart are taken directly from factory build sheets for 1969 Shelbys. Other combinations and color codes may exist. If you have a build sheet that shows color codes for those not listed, please email me. Coralsnake68@hotmail.com

1969 rear springs and shocks coming soon!