The Best 1969 Shelby Production Figures


There were at least eight pre-production 1969 prototype cars. These cars were used for engineering tests and as show cars. They were later sold to the public.

Regular production started in December 1968 and ran through July of 1969. The Shelby program would shut down in the fall of 1969.

These production numbers come from Ford records and are the most accurate. It should be noted that many incorrect numbers are in circulation . The Shelby World Registry has ammended the production numbers previously published, because of the additional records. For more information contact SAAC directly. 1969 Shelbys were not built with a strict adherence to consecutive unit numbers. Some numbers were not used.

Shelby American Automobile Club

Preproduction Prototypes: 8
These cars were not given serial numbers and are not included in the production total of 3150.

Total production: 3150

Total 1969 / 1970 Convertible: 531
Total Fastback: 2619

1969 Shelbys: 2362

GT350 Convertible: 139
GT350 Fastback: 821*

GT500 Convertible: 245*
GT500 Fastback: 1157

*Included in those totals are these cars assigned to Hertz:

GT350 Fastback: 151

GT500 Convertible: 1

1970 Shelbys: 788

GT 350 Fastback: 261

GT 350 Convertible: 57

GT 500 Fastback: 380

GT 500 Convertible: 90

The Shelby American Automobile Club has identified 151 GT350 fastbacks as being sent to Hertz for rental. The GT500 convertible was most likely used as an executive car.

A special thanks to Vinny Liska and Kevin Marti for their assistance.

More information about production numbers can be obtained from Kevin Marti by contacting him directly.