Plant Pictures 1969 - AO Smith

These pictures were originally published in Rohm and Haas Reporter magazine, May 1969. They provide a good snapshot of 1969 production lines.

July 4 , 2015

One of the reasons production was moved to AO Smith was the companys ability to utilize fiberglass (FRP). Here AO Smith workers wet sand a decklid.

Gloria Spencer in the brown sweater (right) and Vickie Bloomburg lay out a set of front end parts. You can see the pink fiberglass head light buckets.

More wet sanding ensured a quality finished product. That's Donna Baldwin on the left!

The jig created a platform to paint all the components for the car at one time.

Exterior mirror housings were also painted to match Ford colors. You can see the side scoops and the end caps in this picture.

Once painted the parts were exposed to a high intesity drying oven.

The front end parts were then masked off and the headlight areas were painted.

This is a close-up of the photograph shown above.

The front end was completely assembled before meeting the car.

Here the dolly is lifted by a small crane. You can see the grille, headlights and fog lights are ready to go.

Ready to go to the line, to meet the body.

1969 # 1383 has the front fenders bolted to the body. Notice the wooden, tool box sitting on the engine.
Here Smith worker, Charlie Droste, bolts the bottom of the fender.

It takes two workers to properly install and adjust the hood. Charlie Droste is on the right. Charlie worked at the plant for 35 years. He started in the 1950s.

The end caps are added to the rear of the car.

The AO Smith plant was a large, multi-story facilty. The production line snaked through the building.

These cars are nearing the end of the line.

This picture has been incorrectly identified as the airport. It is the lot adjacent to Main street. You can see the water tower, rail line and fair grounds in the background.

Completed cars were stored outside until they were shipped to dealers.